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    The Sequel To The Infamous “The Raid 1”



    Cool! How did you do all those smooth Lego movements like the one on the start before he shoots the second guy? Who would have thought threads would look great for special effects? Keep it up!



    Thanks A Lot! Glad You Liked It! For the opening show i just simply moved the entire set about a millimeter per frame 😉 and i added some black blocks in the front to make it seem like it was moving out of the wall 😉
    All shots were in camera ^_^



    Have you tried using other media for effects aside from threads like clay? How were you able to work with it? From what I know, threads aren’t that cooperative.



    I used to use clay a few years ago, but i don’t like to get my lego’s all slimy and sticky.
    Threads are actually a lot easier to work with than it seems ^_^
    I cut a piece from a big roll of it (Sewing threads, thinner) and ball it up.
    And i use a scrapbooking item called “Zots” They are VERY strong sticky circles that helps keeps the threads on and tight 😉
    And I also don’t like to use clay because threads…….they just look more organic 😉



    Thanks Classic! Will have to look up Zots once I get to the city and try it. 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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