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    I posted this on the old board,but who cares. 😛

    About time traveling,I was thinking of doing that in a movie,like,having the baldes whirling,and have the land change in stop-motion.Just an idea. 8)



    You need a reply 🙂

    I would possible try a movie with a single character getting “warped” into a time not his own.

    This is givng me an idea for a movie, but I have a bit many lego movie “ideas”, so I will have to shelve this one…



    I whipped up this list of hints on time Travel sequences.

    1.Have something move,like a giant disc.
    2.A counter to tell the date.
    3.A lever to go backward or forward in time.
    4.Don’t go overboard with the years-Don’t make the guy travel to the max.Vary the numbers,like 802,701.Not 111,111,111 or 999,999,999.Something like 635,427,810 AD.
    5.Make something Protect the machine while traveling.
    6.Have a lever to activate the time shield.
    7.Vary the scenes.
    8.Be creative with the machine.
    9.Make it look like it really works.
    10.HAVE A PILOT!!!!! 😆 Duh.



    I don’t know if this helps or not but I built a few while working on on a movie, which I never finished, they might give you ideas.

    Just follow the link


    Hope you like them.

    Ps stick to the smaller one as it is easier to work with, Marty



    I think I know how to make the blades on mine work-

    Have a clip making them turn regularly and calmly.
    Then increse the movment you turn them into 6 pieces.Slowly make it 5,then 4.At 4,it’ll look like it’s spinning super fast-that’s when you start traveling.

    Do the same thing in the oppistite direction,then overlap the two scenes.It’ll look like two over-lapping blades.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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