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    Does anyone know of a good free title and credit maker?
    I would use WMM, but what I’ve got to edit is an event which I was asked to film and make a DVD for, and I wanted something that looks more professional than WMM.




    what about after effects if you have it



    hmmm wax can make some pretty nice looking credits and titles



    thanks mrgraff, i’ll have a look at that



    i use windows movie maker, what format is that, cuase i can get it to work on dvd, it’s very simple with credits and titles.



    yea, but i want it to look professional. I’m gonna be adding this to my portfolio and i don’t want people to know i used cheap free software


    Night Owl

    If you want it to look professional, just have simple text on a black background; you can do that in WMM.

    People won’t care if you used cheap software, as long as the result is good.



    Yes, as long as you don’t use the blue and white default font, it can look pretty good.



    Final cut comes with “live type” but you need a mac, since you use wmm I guess you don´t have one at hand?

    You can also try to be creative … I once made credits with just writing them on a piece of paper and throwing one after the other on the table that I filmed. The best ones were the pieces that had staines on them or were somewhat akward… Also the deliveries service bill and parts of the script and such landed there….

    Cheers Arend

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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