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    I have to use a stupid camera with a low battery capacity every time I want to do S.M.
    The thing that makes me mad is that it’s not a webcam, we don’t even have a webcam!
    So, what are the best webcams out there that you’ve seen.
    Also, if you have a camera like mine (a Nikon Consumer, which I dubbed the grandmacam) here is a little tip to get rid of horrible lighting…
    Don’t use the flash!!!
    I have never used the flash except once, when I was experimenting with headlights on a vehicle. (It still looked horrible) The flash gives lego people an unhealthy looking complexion, and you can’t see anything in the background.
    So, since I have an evil flash, I have to manipulate the lighting in what ever I’m shooting, (manipulating is an under statement, I have to reconstruct the entire UV scale! heh.)
    Any tips from others who have super lame cameras?



    When I used to do these lego Stop Motion short films, I used a desk lamp to light up the stage, I made sure it was far away though because the pieces are plastic and can shine very easily, and annoyingly. So I pretend the lamp is the sun and it should be far away but close enough for the appropriate light.

    Most camera’s of today can hook up to your computer, try connecting and and seeing if it works.

    For those who do not use a webcam, makes sure you can keep your camera still when you press the button. You can either tape the camera down or put something sticky that won’t make it move too much, like gum(but when using gum I suggest you put it on a sheet of loose leaf or blank paper instead of the table or stage you use.


    Participant … vices/6816 I’d say you should buy this one, it ain’t cheap (100$), but it’s way HD 1080p quality, you can read it on the web I passed here.



    I have used it, and the base is just awkward.
    It is difficult to build a cradle for it, and it is quite difficult to remove sticky tack from it. It can neither be taped down, it will always move.
    That’s what I think about the C910.

    I recommend this one. It has a tripod mont, grat quality, and it’s the one I am using 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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