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    The Janitor

    The idea of this thread is quite simple: list your 5 favorite brickfilms. You don’t need to put them in order, but you are certainly welcome to if you wish.

    I bring this up because 1.) I have a 56k modem and don’t have time to download every brickfilm ever made, and would therefore like to see which ones are worth my time, and 2.) It would be interesting to see what types of films different people like.

    Here are mine, just to get things started. No particular order.

    Out of Time
    Falling Out
    Christmas with Bluntmation
    The Gauntlet
    Prayer of Rabia



    My top favorites are(with favorite quotes):


    Aye. bOb.

    2.Really Deep Space

    Do you want to hear a song, Dave?


    I came back to life to buy a copy of Cookie, Cookie, Lend Me Your Comb.

    4.Bob and Joe Meet The Penguins!

    YUM! YUM!

    5.Out of Time

    Oh Really? Maaarvelous!


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    first three that come to mind:

    The Gauntlet
    Rise of the Empire (See a pattern here?)
    Sun God
    Valtsu v. Allison (Where is Valtsu?)

    Well, that was four, but oh well.


    Barber de Seville
    Martian Gothic
    Legos Are Not Enough
    You Only Lego Twice



    Doctor Death
    The Thing/Lego Chainsaw Massacre
    Dominus Poenae
    Legolomo IV: Horror




    Martian Gothic
    Black Knight
    Raymond Riker



    Do I get to vote for my own films 😛 ?

    ok top 5..let’s see…

    (1) Lego Chainsaw Massacre

    Very well done remake of the classic horror film, making a brickfilm out of this gives it a kind of ‘evil dead 2’ humour to it

    (3) Blood of the wolf

    A good one by bluntman, and a departure from his usual style, this one would make a good live action film as long as you excluded Keanu Reeves from playing the lead

    (5) All of the dead

    “Half-arsed product of late night improvised animating sessions. “ so says the Spite Your Face website. Bloody hilarious if you ask me, this one should be made into a longer film.

    (2) Bad Company Redux
    The ‘directors cut’ was much better than the original, and overall this had a solid plot and a nifty twist at the end, highly original work.

    (4) Out of time
    Bluntman style comedy, VERY well animated, and the only non horror film on my list. hmm.



    1. You only Lego Twice
    2. ClockTower Triology 8)
    3. Martian Gothic 1 & 2
    4. GTA
    5. Good Company


    The Janitor

    Thanks, Wandrer. That thread helps me out a ton.



    yeah yeah we heard this already! just say your favorites are hali,bluntman, and zirk, wandrer, and those stupid james bond flicks its all the same people

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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