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    1. About how many boxes of lego do you have?

    2. Is there female members on this forum?

    3. How does brickshelf make money? It’s free and they don’t have ads.

    These are questions I am just wondering about if any of you know…


    1. About 3 or so, depends on size of box
    2. Don’t know
    3. Not a clue

    Although they are non-profit, they still need to pay for the server, bandwidth, etc.



    1. One “roughneck” tub, 5 printing paper boxes, 3 shoeboxes, 2 Republic Gunship boxes, and one lunchbox 😀

    2. one that I know of, “Brickwitch”

    3. unknown, it’s one of those questions that humans will never figure out..



    How many BOXES of lego? That’s an impossible question.

    I estimate 30,000 Bricks total, however. :mischief

    Dunno about the other questions.



    2 Republic Gunship boxes

    Whatever that is it sounds fancy.

    Yolegoman: HOLY 30,000 !!!!!! I have about two tubs the size of 1 foot by 1 foot. And some mindstorm stuff.

    Wait a minute, 30,000. That may not be a lot, concidering if you count all those small tiny pieces. Maybe I have 30,000 too? More like 12,000 I think…



    “legogod” wrote: *1. 4-28 gallon tubs, about 60 pounds apiece-almost 250 pounds, but you must take off poundage for instructions (about ten when I heft them).

    *These are the kind of questions everyone will answer for bragging rights. I’ve been collecting for a little over twenty years now, but I know many people who have tons more lego than I do. (Usually I buy collections from kids who outgrow them and hunt at yard sales and the like).

    How succesful is that Jared? My mom says shes never seen legoes at a yard sale, although I did get a good deal once at an estate sale… 100$ worth of sets w/o boxes and istructions for 11:50$.

    How many yard sales you go to actually have Legoes?



    The simple answer:
    Move to Connecticut.

    The hard answer:
    The kind of yard saling I do is more like a religion. I was brought up in a family of yard salers. Every Saturday my Grandma has a list of all the yard sales/garage sales/rummage sales/barn sales/moving sales in the five town area. (She gets these from the Shopper’s Guide). DO NOT ask an older person to look for you. Go yardsaling yourself. It’s something I’ve lived by and felt happy with.

    A little before 8 am on a Saturday morning, we set out and hit the closest ones (at the earliest times) and make our way through the list before noon (if there is a church rummage sale with food, we’ll get home around two.)

    My first post may have been misleading in that I ALWAYS find lego somewhere. This, of course, is not the case. I scour yard sales with kids toys, and sometimes all I’ll come up with is an old castle baseplate for 50 cents. I have found buckets, tins, bags, and the original boxes filled with lego. I usually get two good buys per summer at yard sales.

    I also bid at silent auctions for lego (I got the pink girl lego stable for 8.50. It was a 50 dollar set). I ask all of my friends to give me (or sell me) their own collections. When I order from Lego, I order enough so shipping is free and I get a couple prize packages. I’m mostly cheap about how I go about collecting my Lego. I take good care of my collection so when people trade I can ask for more. You just have to be ruthless.

    (In answer to Yolegoman’s questions)



    about for small boxes of LEGO. Most of mine is in my sets.



    I think I have about 100 boxes or more, those are not the cardbord boxes but the sets I have.




    Yolegoman, in response to Jareds answer.

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