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    Hello, i just completed a movie
    Please give any comments on it

    id really appreciate it

    24 Hours Open – Convenience Store

    Low Quality – 708kb
    Med Quality – 1.33mb
    Hi quality – 2.92mb

    Any suggestions?



    That was………. 😮 …………interesting.


    Agreed. That was a little…..whats the word I’m looking for? retarded maybe?…no, not retarded….sick? twisted?…not vulgar enough….how about frickin’ screwed up?…not that either. How about…WHAT THE CRAP????



    Pay no attention to the first two post, I think the words they are looking for is, “it’s to short”


    you had it going well, but It’s to dang short.. Now the viewer will ask, what is the bad guy going to do next? or Did He Take the money, and When is the electrician going to fix that light??

    I found the effects well executed, the lighting in the store was superb, the lighting all around was great!

    NOW that you have the basics down, (walking, consistent lighting, ideas) you can now start working on stuff longer than 24 secs.


    For a first movie I liked it. very nicely done.



    for that constructive post.


    I do agree with Flash. But also agree with Chris. You have to admit, that was pretty strange. Also thought the lighting was excellent.


    The Janitor

    As pointlessly violent as that was, the image quality, lighting, and sets were all very nice. The animation was fine too. I also liked the choice of music.

    Very well done for a first film. I hope to see more, longer films from you.



    Well it seemed good animation…but if you are talking plot it was very short and basic…goodjob! 🙂
    IndyA 😮



    Well… The animation was very smooth. And the rest was just, well, twisted.


    The music made it seem like it was going to be a friendly little movie, but then the guy goes inside and kills everyone :shake And next time, don’t use so many fades. You are a great animator, but you just need to think of a nice non violent plot!

    *End Spoilers*




    well. after all those suggestions
    i made a few more scenes

    in which he doesnt kill anyone..

    When is the electrician going to fix that light??

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 33 total)

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