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    i’ve been slacking as of late, and the last few days i’ve bene slowly building back up to being an lego-mator 🙂

    i made a custom mount for my quickcam pro 4000 (its quite sturdy, i’ll posty pics of it as soon as i get my parents digital camera, which could be tonight)

    and i’ve been filming a short fight scene that has absolutely no plot… (but its the first lego i’ve animated in a while… and i’m experimenting with quasi 30 fps animation

    (by quasi, i mean, i’m actually animating at 30 fps, but much of the time i’m capturing two frames at a time… only doing 30 fps when its a very fast motion scene)

    i hope to have my results posted in a few days


    ps… i am going to finish VE2 and haunting gibberish 2, but i wonder what people think, should i use my QCP 4000 to film the rest? or shouldi use the old video camera that i started it with


    Brian of Gep

    Go ahead and use your QCP 4000.

    Nice to have you back, Russ! : 🙂



    I wasn’t here early enough to see your old movies,so I hope you come back strong and ready 2 go. 8)



    Use the one that has better picture quality. I think the 4000 will give better pics.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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