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    How do you have a tv playing a movie clip? do you bluescreen it, thats the thought i had but i was not quite sure. Bluntman, is that how you did it for your movies?



    for the tv screen in “x-mas with Bluntmation” I used a combination of masking (matt black mask on the tv screen, along with a bevel on all sides of the mask to make it look more like a screen, rather than a pic “stuck on” the lego tv – this was accomplished in photoshop) and videotransformation effects in Premiere (to shrink and move the original clip to the appropreate size and location)… it was a little tricky to get it looking the way I wanted, but it seemed to work ok.


    Brian of Gep

    An idea that will probably be laughed at,
    but if you have access to a small LCD screen,
    (thinking…. 1.5 inch…)
    You could use that as a TV.

    In most cases, this would be impractical, but it would be nice in others…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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