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    Hello Friends,

    Got another video done. Really working hard to provide steady content without sacrificing quality. Thanks in advance for checking it out, I appreciate the support and feedback.




    Another Great One Dreferr! How do you do it so fast? I so love the story!!! Fluid facial expression, good voice acting and of course, the very nice storyline. I love the part when Lex confessed to Wonder Woman (courtesy of the Lasso of Truth) and Wonder Woman gave her the best set down–Flinging Lex’s words right on his face. 😀

    You really should submit it to our Film Directory.



    Thanks for watching the film Anna, glad you enjoyed.

    Yeah, I was able to make this film in about a week, which is pretty fast I guess, especially considering the batman one took about a month. I think the more I film, the more efficient I get at it. I’ll take your advice and submit to the Film Directory.

    Thanks again



    It’s a pleasure 🙂 I’ve subscribed and I’m off to watch The Adventures of Satoshi & Dex next.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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