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    Well, the idea for this one came about when I was stressing out about how much End Of Days: Chapter I sucked,(Logan, why do you forsake me?) so I decided to eat some waffles.Then my cat jumped up on the table.An idea came to me,and I HAD to make it.No matter how lame it is.Enjoy.

    http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Karat … fflesrm.rm

    It’s 3 MB, and 1 minute long exact.

    I love how Realmedia got rid of the light flicker.

    (It’s lame,isn’t it?)


    tma films

    it was a funny movie framerate was not that good
    i think the set was good voices were good but kinda hard to
    there is my review




    Nice job Karateguy. Cat joke made me chuckle. 😆
    Animation and set design was pretty good.
    Who was the guy in the background at the start of the film?
    It might just be my headphones but the sound in your film had some kind of echo to it.
    Thanks for the quick laugh to end my long day.


    Nice film. I did notice a man at the door in the beginning too, who was he ?
    The voices seemed as if they were recorded badly, or any other reason that made it … go bananas !!!
    Overall a nice film, but i allready said that.



    The film was rather predictable, but it still made me chuckle. I liked your voice acting; it was very funny! The audio quality wasn’t really great; are you using the Quickcam microphone? I’d get a new microphone, if at all possible.




    Thanks for the VERY kind reviews.

    The whole thing turned out pretty close to my original vision, exept for the aliens.They look like lawn ornaments to me now (thanks for ruining my film, Leftfielder 😛 ).

    As for the hidden guy, if you watched my film Computer Savvy, that was my character “That Guy From The Coast Of The East”.

    I didn’t use the QK mike, but the Sony V220 (I really should stop shouting into it).


    Count Orlock

    Man, the sound was horrible, but I couldn’t help but think it was intentional, including the bad voice acting. 😆

    This was funny, I liked it. Especially the end.



    I, KG’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, have on many occassions requested that he redo the audio of his first two films.



    Interesting film KG. Its all very fascinating to see how much you’ve improved since a year ago. I enjoyed this film quite a lot, the audio was sub par, but still, the voice acting gave me a chuckle. The joke was pretty original as well too.

    Kudos to you.



    Is that episode 4 in the lunch time triolgy? Wan’t as good as the others. But still a good film

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