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    I was experimenting, and I found animating the lego character walking backwards gave me a much smoother walk.

    Does anyone else animate them walking backwards?



    I do it fowards and its nice for me… At 15 fps

    But by backwords do you mean like, animate it backwards and then play it opposite or something, so he’s going forward?

    Like Mr. Lego is walking from point A to point B. Instead of starting at point A, he starts at B, goes backwards, and then you switch it so its foward? nice idea, have to try it sometime



    I just did today, and I was able to get a smoother walk then how I used to do it.

    Its probably because it reveresed the way I was moving the legs, however, it made it much easier to animate a walk.



    I am not so sure about that, i dont understand how that could work. It might have to do with the framerate you are doing it. Or another reason is that most of us -(refuring to buxton-(he first made a comment about it but it is mostly easy to notice) and me and the whole lard of us well everyone really)- could tell that it seemed like the figs look much diffrent from a diffrent angle. Did you film at a diffrent angle or spot when you did the backward walking? or was it the same? I am not sure if this rule applies to the direction the fig is walking but it may and might not. But i would not understand why you would do this because it is so much added work, i would only ever use this method unless it was completely nessary for a good walk. But it seems to me like the 5 frame walking movememnt on hali’s site (http://www.geocities.com/nmaniatis/bric … lktute.htm) works just fine foward and i would not understand why it would be any better if you started the walk from the reverse. Or it could just be a allusion in your mind. 😛 Even though this does not seem like it will work i guess i will give this idea a go still and see if it does work.
    Hope this is of any help or refrence to you 🙂

    I dont understand why it would be easier?
    explain so i can see…… 😀



    It’s not impossible that this is true in your case. But my advice would be this: after reversing the frames (making the fig walk forward again), look carefully at what happens, frame by frame, memorise the steps and try to animate that again. This way, your better-looking walk is turned into a normal, forward walk!

    Good luck!




    Thats what I was thinking of doing. 🙂



    good thinking! yes doing it that way does work. they used that technique when they made jurassic park. When they did the animating of the dinosaurs (especially when the trex was chasing the jeep) they caught alot of mistakes by watching it backwards. It doesnt make much sense but it works. good thinking!

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