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    Hey! Glad to see you’re interested.

    Accually, that cool new site belongs to me. Check it out at:

    *Link Removed*

    And don’t forget to sign the guestbook!

    – Rock on!


    Brian of Gep

    Nice site..

    As for the background, it is kind of distracting how the tiles don’t match up, but that’s getting picky. 🙂

    Some advice: Do not use Windows Movie Maker. At all.

    It will do terrible things to your films.

    Like washing Super-8 film through a washing machine.



    oh dear i hate all these mixed messages. some say “don’t use LS use WMM” then sombody else says “don’t use WMM”. :roll what should i use? (that is FREE since i don’t have the funds for Adobe Premere)


    Brian of Gep

    Do not use Lego Studios OR Windows Movie Maker.

    They are both terrible pieces of software that will destroy your hard work.

    You should use SMA for input, and VideoMach for compiling your films.



    Also DDclip is quite good if you dont have money for Premiere.

    To the site: It looks pretty good for a first try, not bad!



    It depends.

    Ferder, since you pointed out that you don’t want to use several different programs for your editing, Windows Movie Maker will probably do. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is confined to 320×240 for a resolution.

    You may also want to check out this thread for a list of programs that could be good, but that I haven’t tried yet. Especially Zwei Stein looks promising.




    You know,

    I’ve been working with WMM for a long time now, and I’ve even taken AVI. clips of Brickmovies and made them into a movie, just to see what the quality was. It’s pretty darn good! And one other reason you might not like WMM is because your screen resoloution is set to 800X by 600x Which makes the quality lower.

    All I know is, it works for me.

    Ps. (Off Topic) I also downloaded Goldwave “shareware” version.
    It works really good.

    Rock on!!!



    Brian, videomac seem pretty hard for adding sound effects and stuff
    Anitiggo: DDClip freezes my comp



    tub, I like that you fight for what you believe.

    Doesn’t help when you don’t know what you’re talking about, though.




    I have Windows Movie Maker 2

    Which is better than the original.

    I have no doubt.

    I think…


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