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    Have you thought about going away from the “chipmunks”-like dialogue? That effect worked well for the Chipmunks cartoons, but I didn’t care for it in this film or your other horror films (The Thing 1 & 2). For one, the silly sounding speech doesn’t fit the genre, and secondly, it’s very difficult to actually make out the words that are being said. If you do insist on sticking with the chipmunks dialogue, try recording your original dialogue spoken unnaturally slowly so that when it’s sped up, though it will sound high in pitch, it may not be so fast that you are unable to discern the words.

    As for the video portion of this film, I’m not sure if it was on purpose (as a special effect) or by accident (the result of using a low quality camera), but the grainy look of the film seemed a good fit with the subject matter, like an homage to low-budget horror B-movies.


    Lego Chainsaw Massacre and The Thing was made back in 2001 when Lego Studios first came out. When Jason started this site, my movie was one of the first ones to be posted on the site. Jason put about 10 of our top movies at the time on, almost 200,000 hits today, and was posted on this site as well. You can read more about it in The History of Brickfilms on this site. I just wanted to get both of these back to where they started from.

    I originally recorded LCM with regular voices, but didn’t like them at the time. So I recorded the chipmunk voices, which some love and some hate. My current movie, Halloween, I use regular voices. I’m staying old school and using Lego Studios for now, may upgrade depending on how much I keep filming.

    Here is a link with the LCM with the original voices which I released this year for the first time. Click other movies by this user to see my Halloween movies Parts 1 & 2. … 2025606771

    And remember, Lego movies should be fun and entertaining. No one is going to be discovered making Lego movies unfortuneately, so don’t take them to seriously, enjoy them and have fun making them.



    No one is going to be discovered making Lego movies unfortuneately

    Blunty has his on TV…
    Really, if you plan to be an animator like I do, a 10 minute movie could be a nice thing to put on your resume.



    “legochainsawmassacre” wrote: No one is going to be discovered making Lego movies unfortuneately…

    At the risk of sounding like a show-off, two of my own brickfilms have been invited to be shown at the Platform International Animation Festival later this month.

    Not to mention Blunty and his Meatspace series along with Circle Circle Dot Dot and such. It is in fact quite possible to be discovered with these little films of ours.




    Do you use Lego studio? The animation was good. Post the Halloween Brickfilm!! :twitch:


    Glad you liked it. Yes I use the old Lego Studios set and Halloween is a probably just a few posts down the page.



    Steven Studberg

    This is an amazing film. The whole time I was watching this I was thinking, “Cool…..” . I was amazed at your resourcefulness with the props and lighting techniques, and how you were able to achieve a very disturbing feel to the film. The sets were also incredible….I love the shot when the camera is panning through the row of trees and you see the cabin in the center!
    While some might complain of the camera quality, I do not believe that it effects the film in the least. This film is living proof that camera quality is not the most important element of a film.

    This has got to be one of my favorite Lego films of all-time!

    Good work!

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