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    Shootin Bricks

    Hi everyone!

    Someone pointed out that I locked the Greenlighted Concept thread, thus preventing anyone new from signing on.
    Fact was there were two threads, one for updates and one for signing on, but I unlocked it anyway to avoid confusion.

    We’ve had two more script meetings since the last update. The only major advancement is that Tom has worked up one of the scenes. Unfortunately, only Tom and I seem to be doing any real work on the script and -except for Legotronn- none of the other members have been attending the chat meetings. There is a chat meet scheduled for tonite at six P.M. Eastern. Anyone not attending or at least responding to one of mine or Tom’s many emails will be removed from the script team.

    I had an idea for animating the background of the futuristic city- flying buildings. I’d like to do something like what Jason did in Sol Chronicles, only where the buildings are moving as well as the vehicles. It might be possible to solicit both vehicle and building clips from the community for use on the city scenes. This could result in a much more varied background than a single animator/ set builder could accomplish in a small amount of time.

    Thanks to everyone who have PM’d me with messages of support for the Community Project. I’m confident the first project will be a great success, were just off to a slow start.

    That’s it for now- til next week!


    Mr. Less

    I’ve made the ending scene up but i don’t see anything from Lewa yet. I emailed everybody on the team my scene. :shake


    Shootin Bricks

    Lewa did make an opening scene- before the first meeting and without anyone elses input so we didn’t use any of it, we went a different route.
    I havn’t read your scene yet IL- I’ll get right on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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