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    hey all, its been a while since i’ve posted here, all for good reason. i have been working/procrastinating on my movie and im afraid that i have taken so long to do it that i have gotten numerous other ideas for other movies. however, i am commited to finshing Duality and i wanted to know some tips from you on how to keep yourself going on long projects. thanks guys


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    Well, there are some things you can do to keep your attention….ooo, a butterfly.



    oooo difficult question – as a noob it’s still all fresh and new so difficult to say what’s best to keep you focussed on a film but …

    A couple of years ago I wrote acouple of technical books – 10 weeks of 5 hours a night solid work and what kept me going was to look at what I’d already produced and think about how much effort would be wasted if I didn’t finish. I would also regularly give any new work to friends etc to take a look at – the support of those who are not so closely connected with the project can be a great motivator !



    Brian of Gep

    One way is to set a deadline for yourself.
    (works best with something like a contest… You can tell yourself that if you don’t do it NOW, you won’t finish… Works for me, maybe not for you)

    Another thing is to just sit down and DO IT.
    Unplug your computer, your phone, close your door, and take everything remotely interesting away, except for a pencil and a notebook… Then write your script.

    And make sure your topic interests you.
    Choose something you really like,
    and start small. (i.e. four or five minutes)

    but whatever you do, don’t over-hype in the forums. 😛


    Night Fox

    One thing i do is i get a coke a sandwich a camera and a comp (after you have written your script ofcorse). Then you have something to taste while your hard at work doin your movie.

    For me the hardest thing about making a film is sound effects. My god i hate them. 😡
    So hard to find quality sounda effects.



    One good way to stay motivated is to have an exasperated girlfriend who says things like “If you don’t finish this film soon, I’m selling all your lego”

    Also, a firm deadline (eg BricksWest/BrickFest) is handy. I was so bored with making Out Of Time that I probably would have given up on it and started something else if it wasn’t for the BricksWest deadline.



    To keep me going I just imagin how great the movie will be onces it’s finished and what an acomplishment it will be.



    🙂 I agree with Ferder, just imagine how neat it will look when your done. If you can control yourself and stop yourself from rushing, your possibilities can be endless. Me myself just love doing this so I dont need anything to keep me going. And if you dont like brickfilming then what are you doing here?



    One more thing – I think it was zirk who said that if you find yourself saying “that’s good enough” or “that’ll do” then it isn’t and it won’t. I realise that doesn’t help when you’ve been working on the same 30 second scene for a week, but he’s right.



    Absolutely, buxton. Couldn’t agree more. That is the type of attitude that makes the difference between a good film and an average film.

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