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    Hi, I’ve been expirimenting with the instruments, and before I knew, I made something cool.

    It’s a MIDI file!

    The melody the lower voice plays in the first part, and the high voice in the last part was composed by my orchestra leader, by the way, so it isn’t mine for the whole time. The things around that was made by me.



    That is pretty cool. It sounds like something that would be the villian’s theme or something. I would like to use that in a movie sometime if I ever need that type of song.



    It sounds good. 🙂



    That sounds awesome but the link s already dead and I didn’t have the chance to hear any of it. T_T. Oh well lucky me. I had a similar experience with it before. It was when I was making a simple tune for the class until I made something really nice. I also started making beats ever since. 😛



    Hmmm. The link doesn’t work. Maybe you could upload it again in other site.



    Maybe it was gone because it was uploaded around 8 years ago and the one who started the topic is no longer active in this forum. I also want to check it out it but too late.



    Yeah. That’s too bad. Really looking for some cool sounds. Anybody knows that can give me the link?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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