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    I was just wondering what has happened to this place, this brickfilms.com…?

    I remember this as place for thousands animations and very active forum when I was here 2-3 years ago. Then I was unfortunately faced a long pause and as I now returned here – this was a shock!

    Videos are almost gone, or I couldn’t find them…
    and the Forum is very silent 😥

    Could someone briefly tell what has happened here in last 18 months…???



    This site is a good resource. At this point, most brickfilming discussion goes on at http://www.BricksinMotion.com.



    There was trouble with the fact that the people running the website couldn’t edit it in anyway, which is why it has fallen behind BiM.
    But the new revamp of the website is nearly done and it will be a whole new Brickfilms.com.



    “BrikProductions” wrote: the people running the website couldn’t edit it in anyway

    Couldn’t edit what in?



    He means that the people who were left in charge (mods on the forum) did not have the ability to edit code or fix errors on the site. The new owner (user “thickasabrick”) is currently in talks with some members who have coding experience on getting the site rebuilt.

    There’s a summary of the bigger picture here.



    Wow, that was quite a read.



    Ah, I see what he was referring to now. And, since I don’t know if I ever said so before, your write-up was very helpful as I wasn’t really active much when the debacle occurred.



    Shame I only put in links to the various discussions rather than grabbing more information. All those links point to the old phpBB forum which I believe has been deleted.

    Oh well, most of the information is there.

    Hopefully the next (and maybe final?) incarnation that Aled is working on will return BF to its former glory.

    And I wish people would just drop the whole “BF vs BiM” mentality. That’s all done and dusted, time to move on and work on making the site(s) the best they can be. It is my opinion that both sites can be prosperous at the same time since they cater to different demographics (BiM is aimed more at the makers, BF is aimed more at the watchers).



    See you’ve not left Leo 🙂

    Unfortunately, I have to say I left the team a few months ago because of school and stuff, I might come back over the summer if nothing else happens on it but where I left off the developer and Droid should be completing. I do say though it looks rather fine atm.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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