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    For a mac user who enjoys iMovie?

    I have found, upon beginning stop-motion, that iMovie doesn’t like the quick pictures at all, and gets confused when I make a picture so short. I do however like the friendly interface of iMovie, coming from someone who doesn’t really understand a lot of filming/photography terms. Is there a program that likes stop-motion; is as user friendly as iMovie; can do things that iMovie does, or can export to iMovie; and is free or has a free trial?



    Oh for that matter what you would really like to know is the compatibility of the program to mac isn’t it? I think Adobe Program works well with mac because I installed it before in my brother’s mac and it didn’t really have any effect on it.



    I heard the iMovie has a free trial too. I agree that mac is compatible with adobe program and it’s quite good to use.



    well, i know some. except for editing videos or audios or photos, it also can be used as converter
    it has a free trail version (lot of limit, you can imagine that)
    it’s pretty easy to use it to edit videos and the functions are powerful as well.



    I found iMovie pretty frustrating when trying to stitch a sequence of stills together for stop-motion. My second attempt was with Adobe Premier which is much more flexible, although you need to edit the length of the each clip so not ideal.

    I’d look at some the dedicated software for stop-motion. It’ll save you a ton of time and mouse clicks.


    Galaxy Patrol

    I’ve heard Pencil and Synfig are good for Mac. I’m on a PC though and use MonkeyJam

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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