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    Hey Guys,

    On brickfilms… what skin does evrybody use? My favorite is SubSilver… what about you guys?



    I prefer subsilver… i dont like the colour of the others 🙁



    I use brickfilms and subSilver.

    Btw, this isnt related to brickfilms so a mod should move it to the community section



    Both of the new skins are currently in development. Icing was just released yeseterday (eventide didn’t even tell me it existed until maybe a week ago). Let the creators finish making whatever changes they want to make before asking a question like this.



    What do you mean, Isn’t related to brickfilms?

    It’s about the brickfilms skins, duh…

    Oh, and Revmen… I was bassically asking what people use now, even if the skins are under development… they can always change their minds



    No its about which skin people use on the forum. Not about the brickfilms skin which bluntman made for us. This is the section for General Brickfilming..:-/ :-/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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