When exactly do most of you start school??

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    I was trying to see who goes to school when……
    (hey…the subject was bound to come up so i decided to post it now….)



    i start pretty late, in the first or so week of september. proteus, when do you start?



    And the subject all ready came up.

    I go, I think, August 22 or something like that. The Wednesday of that week.




    i dont have to go back to school….. :excited:
    (i just have to go to college and work…. :twitch: )
    its not really that bad…..but then again it is….
    i still need to find a job due to my recent laying off.
    it wont be that bad once i find a good job…
    (stupid temp service…cant even find me a decent job…)



    you got layed off? From what job? I’ve never had one, i’m only 12….



    Well as you know i used to work at Mcdeath but then i got tired of 5.75 and low hours cause of school…..
    well i went to a temp service and they got me a job at a heater factory for 8 bucks an hour…….
    turns out there was a mistake in the lines of service and they didnt know i was supposed to be able to run a CNC LaserCutter(PRETTY COLORS…..)
    it is a Computer Numeric Control…..Runs out of an old Cobal style computer language….

    and since i dont have a degree in it i cant work there soooooo…..
    I got laid off….
    i now have a lot of bills to pay and no money to pay it with…..
    looks like i might have to send back my new computer…
    i’ll sell the jeep…..
    or the van…….
    no cant do that……
    little help???



    how old are you proteus?

    i started school this week.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    Classes at BYU start Tues, Sept. 2.

    I drive up Wed, Aug 27 and check into the dorms. Aug 28-30 is orientation.

    (On a sad note, when I go there, I wont be able to animate anymore 🙁 I better get started on a farewell movie.)



    My school starts on 1 of September. I still got a lot of time 8)



    First week of september.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 47 total)

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