When is THAC 6?

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    I never have entered a THAC before 😥 , and I just got my account, so, I wanted to know when THAC 6 is.


    Steven Studberg

    THAC 6? I don’t know……THAC 5 (I think) was done by Uncle_Cheesedog, all the THACs before that were by David West.
    I think David West is in the Military now, though.



    THAC has always been an unofficial contest, so it’s hard to say, but over at BricksinMotion there is a thread discussing this. Munzapoppa is planning a week-long animation contest for early August (“B.R.A.W.L.”) so even if there isn’t a THAC until December or so (likely to be the case) you might get in on BRAWL instead.





    “Steven Studberg” wrote: I think David West is in the Military now, though.

    OMG, realy?
    I thought he’s only like 14-16?



    Nope, he graduated high school and did join the military. (Not to be confused with Stevie Collins, who organized a couple contests and is in that age range?) David West hasn’t been around in a while (since joining the military) and even when he was organizing the last 2 THACs he wasn’t a regular on the forum anymore.



    The question that I have is, if we (meaning Brickfilms) could make an official THAC? We must change the rules to: don’t use copyrighted material. Thats all it needs to make it an official one.

    On the other hand, this would look like taking this idea away from David, and I wouldn’t feel good about it, unless I get his consent.

    Besides all the bad blood that might result from the stupid discussion, wether or not THAC is a BiM of BF contest… which in my opinion is absurd. Only because other people play basket ball as well, doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

    Cheers Arend



    THAC belongs with the community.



    It’s much better unofficial, in my opinion.



    I thought there could only be one official contest a year anyway?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 29 total)

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