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    I was just going to share this with the people that offered to help with my new story, but since I didnt get much response, I figured ide let you people choose which you think are more interesting or would work better. Here they are.


    Main Plot: The government confronts a retired CIA agent in jail. He is offered a pardon of his crime if he helps them catch the most wanted man on their list.
    Struggles for Main Character: He will get his freedom, but he is faced with the fact that the man he is trying to capture killed his wife 15 years earlier.


    Main Plot: The greatest FBI agent in history is given a mission to catch an evil man that plans to kill millions of people with a new deadly virus. The catch is he is also paired up with a rookie that gets on his nerves. EDIT: The agent doesnt know the guy there after is the one that killed his partner years back.



    Hey dude,

    I think both sound really neat!!! :wink

    I kinda can’t decide on one or the other, although I love comedy so I would have to go with the second one. 😆

    How’s that?



    Those are both pretty cool, but I think idea 1 is more original than 2. So I voted for 2. Yeah 1 is more of an interesting concept to me, about how an agent has to redeem himself for his crime. It sounds like it could be really good. The other looks good to, bt I jst say 1 is more my kind of film.


    – Lewa11



    The first reminds me strongly of The Jackal. Both have aspects of The Rock.

    I liked both these films, so by all means go ahead!



    C’mon… put a twist to the plot! We have seen both ideas in movies already. Or you can do a movie that is a parody of the genre you are working in (parody might not be the right word I’m looking for). Check out the 2 Bond movies by 4guys1brian, that’s what I’m talking about!

    Anyways, that is what I’d do and you should do whatever you want to do. As for the story, #2 seems more plausible. #1 could be plausible if it’s kind of like the Rock, where the government is wary of releasing the criminal but they don’t have a choice. But then… it’s like The Rock.



    Number 2 reminds me of Rush Hour 1. Jackie Chan gets paired with Chris Tucker, the annoying partner. And the guy there chasing killed Chan’s dad many years back.


    I was thinking the same as Wandrer. The Jackal was a good movie though. I’d go with #2.



    ok after thinking about it and looking at the votes im going with the second one. Thanx Guys! 😀


    Kapaluchi Studios

    i like the CIA one better than the second one. It sounds more interesting and may have a better/vengeful ending

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