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    Dr. H (PHD)

    I’m bored soo…

    Who here plays NOLF (No One Lives Forever) or NOLF2? I’ve played NOLF2 a bit (actually mostly watched my bro. Don’t own it tho). Dang, it’s so blasted funny…weapons are cool (especially the micromissle launcher! YEAH BABY!), diolauge freaks me out……can’t list all of it.



    P.S. And if I do get copies of both CD’s I MAY be able to make a LEGO NOLF or NOLF2 (or both). I just need more time on my hands…and a CG crew…



    Oh yes!

    Loved them both, but feel the first was better than the second. I missed wandering around in Santa’s workshop in the second, and thought the humour wasn’t as good. It’s funny, but not as much as the first which really appealed to my sense of humour.

    But it’s the dialogue that really stands out in these games, such as the henchmen’s cries of (from the first game) –

    “I do not like getting shot at!”
    “Bullets are not my favourite!”

    and my personal favourite –

    “Bullets are whizzing by, whilst I’m busy wizzing myself in fear!” 😆

    Great games! They really catch the atmosphere of those old British spy shows of the ’60s, like The Avengers, whilst mixing with great humour.

    BTW, you look like you need a monkey! 😀

    (That’s another quote, for those who don’t know the games!)


    Dr. H (PHD)

    My fav is at the end of NOLF2


    Cate: *I* had to hold off a whole army of super soldiers and all you had to do was guard a flag!

    Armstrong: Well I took down the Director. (something like that)

    *little later*

    Armstrong: But I was shot! Multiple times! DOn’t you have any sympathy lady?

    Cate: Well you would’ve heard him if yer head wasn’t up your arse!

    Armstrong: Don’t talk to me that way!!!


    Mime (in thick french accent): The pain is excruciatinga!

    Pierre talking to a mime flailing his arms to tell somputhing: What is it? Ahhh……bicycle…..uhhhh….chicken….uhhh…..A PONY!


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😯



    I play renegade mostly…..
    global ops
    ra 1&2(red alert)
    I’m a major RTS player…..
    But my favorite is still StarCraft…
    I’m hopeing to be able to beta for the Starcraft 2 Game Due This Comeing
    Febuary..(this release date is a rumor…but i still hope to beta it….)



    ummm…its blizzard theres no way it will be out by february, and when u say starcraft 2 i hope you mean Starcraft:Ghost (which isnt really a sequel, its pretty much a different game entirely)



    they werent asking that xero… :roll

    But no i’ve seen the game several times in stores but never rented it, i guess i’ll pick it up next time at blockbuster

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