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    So I noticed that A lot of Brickfilm uploaders (and other homefilmmakers) add a “studio” title to their works. Are they a studio? What does it take for it to be a studio/production/brandthingy?

    Its not that I mind but I wonder why people do this, for some reason I cant get it out of my head.
    Does it better the presentation? Is it to attract sponsors?

    Share your motives / thoughts. 🙂



    Well Morten, Every Brickfilmer has a Studio to work there film, it can just be a Table,Desk or even a, Cardboard Desk. Studio means = Workspace, A Space to work in/on. Like Little Brotherhood Studios. I hope this Helps.



    I’ve always been wondering why they do this too. Thanks for bringing it up 🙂



    I don’t add Studios to my name. I call myself a “Stopmotion Group” but really it’s only me animating and doing everything else.



    TwoGuys, I thought you were actually two 🙂 Why did you choose that name?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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