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    I already own a Olympus C-3020z. So I was wondering if it would suffice in making a film with minifigs?

    Here is the LINK to the specs…




    Yes it will suffice 🙂



    Excellent!! I’m off to start work this week then. 🙂


    Brian of Gep

    Uh, the link to the specifications doesn’t work.

    If it has a remote control, it will work very well. On the other hand, if you have to press the trigger to take pictures… It will probably shake a lot, so make some test animations to see if it does.

    (I know this from personal experience… I have an Olypmus D-460ZOOM, and you can see for yourself how it turned out here.)[/url]



    Ugh! The link doesn’t work… 🙁 Well, you have to dig for it under archived products.

    I have no remote control for it. That would of been nice, and I checked under accessories but there are none there either. I do have a mini-tripod so hopefully that will help. I’ll just have to make do for now with what I have I guess. Good points though, guess thats why those web cams are so popular…

    I’ll have to do some testing this evening to see how its going to work.

    Currently the macro works at 8″ away, there is an extra lens for 4″ away but I’m sure its going to be pricey… I’ll have to see how things work out first.

    How about this link



    If you are going to pay for all that, you might just get the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000… best webcam on the market for only 70 dollars, it’s great!

    Course, I’ve never tried animating with a camcorder, so…

    Yolegoman, whos teeth hurt terribly (Damn Braces) and is in to much pain to get a link




    Yeah, I’m not going to spend money for the extra lens… Just to much and not worth it. $139 for lens + $29 & $39 for ring and adapter… Ouch! 🙁

    Its just a digital camera that I’ve had for a little over a year now.



    Oh okay then, I DEFINTELY reccomend the Logitech, if you can afford it.

    Go here (my teeth feel better now, did anyone say tylenol?)

    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ … 20-9026436



    cinda off topic but..:

    i know how you feel Yolegoman, braces suck badly! i couldnt sip a milkshake threw a straw they hurt so much. but i get mine off in a week yay!!!!!

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