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    Well, I’m working on an actual film, and was wondering:

    How (If you can) can I shorten all the pictures into a certain size (15 FPS)?

    Thats all for now, Thanx! 😀



    Uhoh. We have a problem here…

    What is it you want to do? Do you want to change the size/resolution of your images, or change the fps? They are two very different things.

    I believe you can change the size of the film when rendering. There’s usually a scale/crop option.

    If you want to change fps, that depends on WMM. Yolegoman could probably help you out there.




    Well, see, in Windows Movie Maker, each picture is a certain length (They are each seen as a ‘film’), I was wondering how to make all the images the same size, and what size I should make them for 15 FPS, because WMM already is set at 15 FPS.



    Okay, thanks for the comment Cometgreen! 😀

    For the most part, Erlic, I don’t use pictures of any kind in Wmm except for my titles. What you want to do is download Videomach, from , and use that to turn jpegs or other pic files into .avi files, (At the fps you want) and then load the .avi files into Wmm (Windows Movie Maker). 🙂

    Hope this helps, Erlic, and if you need anything else, let me know!

    Yolegoman, who IF he ever gets Expedition Mars done, will be known as pulling the very SEAMS out of Wmm 2 to get the job done… 😀



    Well, thanx, but I already had videomach and didn’t know how to use it. So I must ask how would I go about doing it, because I know I just put all the pics in there, but don’t know how to put it together…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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