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    Hey I have recently been having playing issues regarding Windows Movie Maker. Basically, I have been using Anasazi Stop Mo Animator for capturing the animation, but when I want to edit sequences and play them back in WMM the footage constantly skips parts and never plays it smoothly. This means I cannot see the effect of editing the footage since it cannot be played smoothly.
    So I was wondering if there are any methods in provoking my computer to playing the footage consistently and smoothly using WMM.
    Thank youuuu 🙂



    What are your computer specs?



    The same thing happened to me when I used WMM. I reccommend getting another video editor.

    …and on another note-HI DOC!



    I have the same issues but I know for a fact it only shows up like that in WMM not in the final product. I don’t know what causes this but it can be quite annoying. I hoped that helped.



    thanks for the help, but it’s sorted now. It didn’t run smoothly because the video files were played straight from a memory stick. So I saved the files on the computer and now they work fine. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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