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    I am so happy I found this place. I am 17 years old and I love stop motion films. Although mine dont look anything like yours. Yours are so good and well done. Please point me in the right direction! The software i have is Adobe After Effects 5.0 , Adobe Premiere 6.5 And Photoshop 7. Are these good programs to use? And my last question is do you guys just take JPEG and string them together to make the movies or what? 😮



    I am going to forego the whole legality of software debate, along with any suspicion about your identity, and help you out. Windforce, I’m sure, will bring these topics up. 😉

    First look at the FAQ. It answers a lot of the…frequently asked questions. It is really a great place to start. If after that, you still have questions, come back and post them.

    And yes, the Adobe products are great for stop motion films. Well, they’re great for everything.

    Welcome to the community.

    Ooh, and thanks. I like to think we’re cool, too. 🙂




    You will find a great variety of softs that can do that. Check out also the Software & Hardware section of this forum.

    And welcome ! Someone calling himself “Beckham” couldn’t be bad 😛

    soccer fan too



    I find most brickfilmers’ sense of humour the most impressive. Most of the jokes correspond to my sense of humour, but in reality I don’t many people which can laugh that much about the same dumb things as me.

    Keep on the good work, humour-gods! 🙂



    For special effects im going to use alamdv2 , Bsol , , for compiling images i use Videomach , to make vcd’s of my movies i use vcd easy and eo video. My camera soon to be quickcam pro 4000. and By the way , Welcome!!!!

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