Fray Round 4

Round 4-Objective

There are 2 cameos in this. The second cameo is pretty easy to notice, but the first one, not so much. Post your findings in the comments below. Thanks for permission, MinilifeTV (

I’ve spent too long on this and I’m glad to finally get it finished. Since it took so long, there are inconsistencies in my animation style as I graduated to new levels of fluency and process. I’ll be moving on to some other ideas in the future that won’t demand so much time. But more rounds of Fray will still be made.

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-Created by: Gash Dusen
-Voice-Acting: John L-
-Camera: Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
-Recording Program: MonkeyJam
-Video Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 11
-Photo Editor: Gimp
-Audio Editor: Audacity
-Computer: Windows 7
-Sound Effects: Internet, Team Fortress 2
-Music: Full On (Kevin Macleod)
-Total Photos: 1306

Created By: Gash Dusen