• Group logo of T&T Productions
    active 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Here you can see my latest youtube videos from Trailogy and Trailtrekr. Now this is not all about me. I want this to be about posting your videos to so I can see how good they are.

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  • Group logo of lego dark knight rises souport group
    active 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    lego batman group

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  • Group logo of The Lego Star Wars Fan Video Feed
    active 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    Post your new Lego Star Wars films here!

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  • Group logo of United Professional Movie Makers
    active 10 months, 1 week ago

    This Group is made for Brickfilmers who Make and Post Fantasy (Western) Movies. Also you must show your Behind the scenes Photos.

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  • Brickfilming animation ideas
    active 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just check out my channel on YouTube animatrixproduction and I will help you find great animation ideas for free

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  • Harry Potter Video Masters
    active 12 months ago

    This is a group for all my fellow Harry Potter lovers out there. We can share ideas and help out on making cool films. JOIN NOW!

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  • Group logo of Funny Films
    active 12 months ago

    Feel free to post videos that’ll catch a laugh here!

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  • for points
    active 1 year ago

    I’m making this group to advertise my original group, brickarms bosses

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  • brickarms bosses
    active 1 year ago

    We make action movies and use guns from brickarms

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    active 1 year ago

    This is the group to advertise Me and my brothers latest film from our studios. THE SPY FILES is about a LEGO Agent who retired after the defeat of DR.Inferno. When a new threat rises the call comes to Alex […]

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  • Group logo of The Bricksters
    active 1 year ago

    the group for all brickfilmers

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  • Group logo of Star Wars The Strike Against The Rebellion
    active 1 year ago

    Writing About To Start. Expect a 2014 summer release or winter of 2014. Will be a III part lego movie

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  • Group logo of Bonnie and Clyde Promotion
    active 1 year ago

    My Bonnie and Clyde film in in Production! This group is for people who want to stay updated on the production of the film.

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  • Group logo of Lego Task Force | By Scar1200
    active 1 year ago

    This is is a group where I keep you up to date on my latest movie that I am working on called ”Lego Task Force”. Lego Task Force is about a team of four men by the name of ’The Task Force’. They have to break […]

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  • Brickfilm Competition Group
    active 1 year ago

    This is the group to join if you like making brickfilms and like competition. There will be contests for all genres of brickfilms and all types of contest.

    If you want to be an admin or a mod then then be […]

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  • Group logo of CONTEST: Action and horrer movies CLOSED
    active 1 year ago

    Starts now and ends on 4/17/2013 post your videos on group wall or links winner will get a mention in my 2 of my most popular videos and will get subscribed to and will get lots of views on youtube. The brickfilm […]

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  • Group logo of filmz
    active 1 year ago


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  • Group logo of Brickfilming technical.
    active 1 year ago

    This group is for people to ask questions about software,computers,camera etc. Any thing dealing with the technical stuff in brick filming here is the place to ask those questions!

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  • the brickfilmers
    active 1 year ago

    all animators

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  • Group logo of Perfectionists
    active 1 year ago

    Everyone’s welcome. If you take your time to make brick films, this is the group for you :)

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