Guide to Playback of Brickfilms

Video Files are encoded using CODECS to play back a movie file you need to have the correct codec installed for both the video stream and the audio stream, occasionally you might find that a film will refuse to play, or sometimes it will play the sound only, and not the video (or visa versa) this is most often because youre missing a codec (or it is improperly installed).

So how on earth do you figure out which codec you need to install to solve this problem? Well, thats where a tool called VideoInspector comes in!

VideoInspector is a nifty little piece of software that can tell you all kinds of handy stuff about a video file, including what codecs the file uses, and its dead easy to use

After opening Video Toolbox, you’ll see the main interface;


All you need to do to figure out what codec(s) you’ll need is to playback a given video file all you need to do is to click browse and select a the file, Video toolbox will now display all you need to know


As you can see, This particular file, is encoded using the DivX 5 codec, and the audio is in Mp3 (a very common combination), Video Toolbox also tells us that I have both the required Codecs installed and working. Should you not have the required coded Video toolbox will even attempt to give you a download link to it. Just click the download button to download and/or find out more about the codec How handy.

As an alternative, another similar Program Ive used that does essentially the same job is GSpot

Between the Three Media players presented here, and the tools for figuring out what codecs those stubborn files use , You should have no problem playing back any and all Brickfilms presented on this site.