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Lego RPG: The Movie

Originally released in 2004.



When you picked up a LEGO brick for the first time, did you look at it as a mere toy, or something much, much more?

If you ever thought what Legomen would do if they lived lives of their own, then look no further! Join Arich, Galeno, and Henry as they fight to put a stop to the Assassination Syndicate, an evil organization that, one way or another, all three were weaved into! But, the hardships they will face make for a much deeper story. What will become of these three tiny Legomen? Enter the darker, grittier side of LEGOs, and find out for yourself!


After years of being uploaded to, I’ve finally uploaded Lego RPG: The Movie in its entirety on YouTube. A few things to know:

– Treat this film as being rated PG-13, as it contains mild language and fantasy violence.

– The movie is based on a conceptual games series called Lego RPG. The first entry was made into a computer game, but it is not needed to enjoy the film, as most of the first game’s storyline is told in a flashback sequence. The game remake has now been canceled, but you can download and play the old versions of the game here: Make sure to download MegaZeux first in order to play them!

– Production began in 2003 and took a little over a year to make with big breaks in-between.

– The cast members you see in the opening credits are just fake celebrity names for the Legomen.

– Besides encouragement and a little supporting help, this film was all written, directed, animated, voiced, and produced by me.

– Created with the now discontinued LEGO Studios and its included web camera (and also used Pinnacle Studio to finish production).