• Additionally, there have been announced so many brickfilm series’ by so many people. Most of those serials don’t ever get released, and the few that do get quit after the first two or three episodes. People here might want to see if you are different, but I guess most of them want to see that from a distance, because they don’t invest time and…[Read more]

  • “skull brick” wrote: This is one of the most redicoulous threads ever made. Why is it up to us to decide what brickfilm you make? Those weren’t even trailers, they were just “lego” and other words along with pictues in the backround.

    I agree on that, although I would not call it ridiculous. But still your trailer’s only goal seems to be showing us…[Read more]

  • Extremely cool, Nos! Just one thing came into my mind: you could try to reverberate your cross-panning starting sound. That might be even more impressive.

  • Captain replied to the topic Real Anime in the forum Hardware and Software 8 years ago

    Good standard file format for video editing is an *.avi-file with MicrosoftDV codec. The resulting files can be imported into almost every video editing software. The final film may then be compressed into wmv, rm, mp2, mp4, mov or other file types, but remember that those are lossy formats and therefore not suitable for the actual video editing.

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    It was really nice, but the voice volumes did not seem to fit too well. Some were too loud, others too quiet.

  • “Ladon” wrote: Hmm… That wasn’t really very interesting. At first I thought it was a codec problem, but it was just a black screen. It’s an ‘interesting’ approach, but not exactly what I would have done. Even a few unrelated visuals would have been more interesting than a black screen.

    That’s exactly what I think about it.

  • “atrglock” wrote: DON”T GET THE NEW VERSION 11… It is full of bugs and the demo made my computer crash…..

    Yeah, and don’t get version 8. It’s full of bugs, too. Version 9 & 10 work better. But they are still Pinnacle products…

  • Well, I found it a bit hard to say. The first part seemed alright to me. But since in the last part the combined parts seem definetly out of rhythm, it is hard to say if the different guitar tracks would match each other in terms of a good mixdown, if they had been in rhythm to each other.

    So generally, it sounded good, but in detail I’m not sure.

  • Not bad! I saw some interesting moves in it (particularly the one Buxton mentioned).

    The editing / changing of camera perspective seemed a little random to me.

    Concerning the “story”, I think the movie won’t make it into the directory. As you already guessed, it is pointless. It’s a nice idea, though. If had sort of a more meaningful…[Read more]

  • Did you eat while recording your voice or did your microphone just made you sound like this?

  • Somehow I feel I would like to enter. Unfortunately, this is a song I have never ever heard before. Listening to the first MIDI file (the second doesn’t run on my computer) and reading the lyrics, I just don’t get the point of how the song should be sung, particularly for the last part. Since I think knowing a song and understand it is the most…[Read more]

  • Uhm, eggboxes are actually many little resonating boxes, which is rather contra-productive for having a sound insulated room. Foam will do the job much better!

    Like Matthew correctly stated, without a somewhat good mic it is not worth to insulate your room from outside sounds. Another aspect: you usually have your recording computer in the same…[Read more]

  • That depends heavily on what quality you expect. Generally, if you want to get a somewhat good sound quality, expect to spend at least some 30 Dollars. If you find a cheap microphone that sounds good, you can be sure that it is one in a million!

  • If you mean that your voice actor has put too much stress on his words: No. As far as I know, there is no software to change that. You may change volume, speed, overall sound characteristics, even the pitch of a voice, and you may add special effects. But you cannot change the stress of a voice line.

  • The most important point about a story is reality in terms of motivation. If the action of your characters is not driven by realistic motivations, then your whole film won’t work. No matter whether you are doing a science-fiction-story or a medieval fairy-tale: whenever you want your film to be realistic within its given story-frame, you have to…[Read more]

  • “Motfilms” wrote: […] so I can tell my children why they shouldn’t watch it.

    Yeah. Guess the very next thing they will do then…

  • If the “sound” doesn’t significally change during its playback, just copy’n’paste it in your timeline until it is as long as you need it. Then simply put in short (~1 sec) crossfade transitions, and no one will notice anything.

  • Captain replied to the topic Premiere in the forum Hardware and Software 8 years, 3 months ago

    “BudgetStudios” wrote: mm…when i downloaded premiere i thought it would be great for special effects

    You were obviously wrong 😛 , because what you were looking for then was Adobe After Effects, which is a stand-alone software, but also designed to work together with premiere. Especially for the recently released versions you can import and…[Read more]

  • Captain replied to the topic Premiere in the forum Hardware and Software 8 years, 3 months ago

    Oh, thanks for correcting that wrong assumption I had. *innocently whistling and stealing myself away*

    So I guess, BudgetStudios may have meant the PAL 768×576 resolution, when he said “something like 640×480”.

  • Captain replied to the topic Premiere in the forum Hardware and Software 8 years, 3 months ago

    Premiere Pro 3 is a fully professional video edititing software. You have an (almost) endless number of video and audio tracks available. You can make the whole (!) postproduction of a video editing process (except for special effects), and that is quite a lot. Since brickfilms consist of single images that are often edited in picture editing…[Read more]

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