• “RevMen” wrote: I don’t think making a good film is a waste of time in any case.

    OK, granted, but I would have chosen a different film and a different schedule if not for the (mistaken) belief that my film would be considered for the SW movie contest.

    Anyway, RevMen, I see the “administrator” badge on your brick ;), so I ask you directly: can…[Read more]

  • “TwickABros” wrote: I’m for it. We have what, 6, 7 entries? Are you talking about a page or just a forum thread? Then we can go on all the lego related forums and post a link to it.

    I suggest a page, with a nice thumbnail and description for each movie, plus a section at the top (or maybe a link to another page) where we calmly lay out what…[Read more]

  • “Nick Durron” wrote: Well, I don’t suppose there’d be any prizes for our unofficial contest… such as a $500 S@H gift card. :wink

    No, and I’m not suggesting we even have our own contest. Just a page explaining (calmly) what happened, and showcasing the films that never made it into the gallery.

  • Ditto here.

    Maybe we should post our own gallery of “Ignored SW Contest Films”, right here on brickfilms? That will make it easier for people to see the problem, since all the ignored films will be in one place (we should group them by age category in the same way the contest does, though).

  • I got a reply from Steve (the LEGO Community Relations Coordinator):

    “Steve Witt” wrote: Thanks for the info. I’ll see what I can find out and pass this along
    to the organizers.

    Everything I’ve seen indicates that Steve is a great guy and really does care about the LEGO community. So I’m much comforted to know that at least he’s looking into…[Read more]

  • Let’s stay focused here — this thread is about the mess that’s been made of the SW movie contest, not strange policies in LEGO forums. :)

    I’ve just written to Steve Witt, who is the LEGO Community Liason for the U.S. I tried to explain very clearly what went wrong here and why so many of us are upset, and also pointed him to this thread (so…[Read more]

  • Two days ago they said they were still reviewing films (including mine)… yet we still have only twelve films in the 18+ gallery (and still not including mine, as well as others mentioned here). And they still appear to have voting open for the three that happened to be submitted days before the deadline.

    Sheesh. What a bunch of buffoons. …[Read more]

  • I just got a reply to my email.

    “” wrote: Some videos are still being reviewd. Lego has the final approval for a video to be entered into the gallery.

    This is interesting on several levels. First, if they have to go to TLG before they can add a film to the gallery, then this explains some of the slowness. But of course,…[Read more]

  • I notice that they now have an “Honorable Mention” section of the gallery — though it appears to also contain the three semi-finalists. And it doesn’t contain my entry. I haven’t received any reply to the polite email inquiry I sent yesterday.

    And is it just my imagination, or are the semi-finalists the same movies that were showing for like…[Read more]

  • Arend, you’re right that there’s nothing we can do about it, except gripe and grumble (which may or may not work its way up to TLG — remember, the contest isn’t being run by TLG, but by some hired guns, who could simply not be hired again).

    But I bet we don’t get an apology. I’ll be surprised if we get any acknowledgment at all of what a mess…[Read more]

  • I agree with the other comments here. I think they somehow imagined that (a) nobody would spend more than an afternoon on it, and (b) most people would submit their entries well before the deadline. Why in the world did they give themselves less than a day to review and score all the films? They seem seriously inexperienced at this sort of…[Read more]

  • For what it’s worth, I’ve sent an email to them too, asking to confirm that my entry was received, and whether the scores are going to be posted. I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

    Somehow, contrary to the ad copy, I don’t think Yoda himself is judging these videos…

    – Joe

  • Yeah, this is really strange. I wasn’t expecting to win, but my video never even appeared in the gallery… and there are several other great Brickfilmer’s entries that I would have expected to see in the semi-finals too.

  • Mine isn’t up yet, either. Maybe they don’t work on weekends (even though they set the deadline on a Saturday night — they seemed to think people would submit their films significantly in advance, but then, they seemed to be wrong about a lot of other things, too!).

    — Joe

  • Thanks for all the comments, all. I’m not expecting to win — I just had fun trying!

    — Joe

  • JoeStrout replied to the topic Scriptwriting? in the forum General Brickfilming 8 years ago

    “Nick Durron” wrote: As Krick said, draw inspiration from other works, but don’t copy them, like Eragon did.

    No kidding. I only saw the movie, didn’t read the books; but in the movie at least, the whole thing was just cribbed together from other sources. It was actually kinda fun to identify all the different places they stole from… but that…[Read more]

  • Penguin, 3D computer models don’t cost a lot; real LEGO parts cost a lot. :)

    And TwickABros, I don’t see how you have any choice about what age category you enter in. Maybe the rules weren’t clear on this, but in pretty much every other contest in the world, when you have a mixed-age team, you have to enter the age category of the oldest[Read more]

  • “MiniMation” wrote: If you don’t mind cannibalising your Artoo minifig then this is the ideal solution:

    I don’t mind, but I’m not sure I understand exactly what he did. Grinding studs off the body is easy enough, but what about the holes in the head? I almost wonder if he glued the cut-off studs…[Read more]

  • “Krick Films” wrote: You could sand down the studs and attach the head with sticky-tac.

    Well, for that matter, I could insert a white 2×2 round tile and do that. But the gaps on the base of the head (where the studs normally fit) are pretty glaring.

    “Smeagol” wrote: Use one of these and build around it (or frame the shot) such that the plate itself isn’t visible. I did this in Attack of the Drones and it worked pretty well.

    Oh, wait. This only works if you have him on a ship or his body isn’t visible.

    Right. Pity there’s no round 2×2 turntable!

    Thanks…[Read more]

  • Is anyone else able to find the “official music provided on the Contest site via an MP3 file download” mentioned in the rules? I sure don’t see it…

    — Joe

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