• “TwickABros” wrote: The thread where I put all my Kensington related questions go.
    Kensington Question: Here is my fancy match up shot thing so far:

    I’m using Blender so any tips on how to make it look better would be great.
    Second Kensington Question: Anyone know any fancy audacity tricks? For example, how to make something sound like it’s…

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  • Livebrick replied to the topic Skywalker Ranch in the forum Community 7 years, 9 months ago

    “RevMen” wrote: I’m going there this Friday for a tour. I’m on the design team for Disney IM Digital’s new motion capture facility and we’re going to Skywalker Ranch to get information about what our design should be like.

    Eat your hearts out, nerds.


    And… people should care… why?

  • Livebrick replied to the topic Holiday Countdown! in the forum Community 7 years, 9 months ago

    Because to be politically correct and all that crap and to respect other people’s holiday’s, you can’t have a Christmas thread without a Hanukkah and Kwanzaa thread. And that’s just American-centric holidays. There should also be a Boxing Day thread, Immaculate Conception thread, etc.

    But that isn’t required.

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  • “KG” wrote:

    No. You’re acting like a tool. I don’t care if you’re frickin’ Father Christmas, we don’t need another Christmas topic.


  • “BertL” wrote:
    But why? In what way does the current system not fulfill the needs (and what are “the needs”)?

    EDIT (sheesh, we edit a lot): I’m not trying to attack you or anything. These political times have made me more… aware.

    I’ve seen on several other arts-related forums that members operate better and kinder towards each other as…[Read more]

  • “BertL” wrote:

    I said “Section” not “Forum”.

    I guess I should have clarified that.

    I just think they could have a better set-up if there were several forums under the “Community”

    Like how there is “General Discussion” and then under it is “Community”, “Site Feedback” and whatever else there is.

  • “Lechnology” wrote:
    Actually, that’s my job, so I would like to ask MindGame to leave the bashing to me.

    Anyways, we try to keep things more centralize in one thread, rather than multiple threads. Reduces the clutter and makes things more organized. Make an effort of searching next time before posting a thread that’s nothing more than a…

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  • “Shrankenhiemer” wrote:

    Exactly. I even agree with Kwlguystudios, mostly because people like MindGame won’t have to go telling everyone how wrong they are, when they could, in fact, move on.

  • “Night Owl” wrote: Livebrick, you’re overreacting. Calling somebody a Nazi because they disagree with you is pretty dumb; it’s more egotistical than anything others have said.

    And I’m surprised you decided to go against MindGame instead of KwlGuyStudios, who actually was sort of insulting.

    He didn’t straight out attack my post, therefore, I…[Read more]

  • Livebrick replied to the topic YES! in the forum General Brickfilming 7 years, 9 months ago

    “Steviecolli” wrote: Same here, well a lab top running vista, a new mic and a webcam(microsoft 6000 thingy) but ithe webcam has bad quality so i’m probably going to change to a quickcam pro 9000 if i have enough in the vouther got off my god father.

    -Steviecolli, trying to get used to typing on a lap top.


  • “MindGame” wrote:

    Incorrect. Please try again.


    Find joy in making others feel down? Want to feel superior to everyone else? then the Nazi Party is for you!

    Edit: I really don’t understand WHY ON EARTH you’d shoot down a topic that is just celebrating a merry affair, I mean, seriously. It means alot to me, therefore…

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  • “KwlGuyStudios” wrote: Do we need three christmas topics? Anyhow, merry christmas.

    You can NOT have enough Christmas topics.

    Deal with it.

  • Livebrick replied to the topic 9/11 in the forum Community 7 years, 9 months ago

    “LegobrosJon” wrote: But this is 9/11. They hit America, and killed AMERICANS.


    This is quite possibly the most selfish, hateful, and stupidest comment I have ever seen.

    It just makes me feel fantastic when we in the US only care about the lives of our own that are lost, no one else’s.

  • Livebrick replied to the topic An outrage! in the forum Community 7 years, 9 months ago

    “Night Owl” wrote: Aled, don’t do that. It ruins the reputation of people at Brickfilms.
    Though I agree that Blunty is essentially an ass.


    He was only an “ass” because most of you are egomaniacs who either suck up to him, cause too much drama, or you just wouldn’t respect him as a fellow brickfilmer, but…[Read more]

  • Livebrick replied to the topic Omaha Shootings in the forum Community 7 years, 9 months ago

    1- A while back, they had a trade where you could exchange any gun you owned for a new pair of clean shoes. One man brought in a surface-to-air missle. Shocked

    Surface to air missile LAUNCHER. Those things are easy to come across, you can buy them on Ebay if you wanted to, because you, by no possible means, can get ammunition for them.

    Use…[Read more]

  • “Squash” wrote: I also dislike when people make obvious mistakes. This is aimed directly at most spelling errors. If you use IE7 (and I believe Firefox does also) it has spell check. I think LOL (and some other abbreviations) can be fine if used right, just because we use casual rather than formal conversation here, but I don’t like to use it…

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  • “pyrofortress” wrote: It has to be the influence of the “LolCats” and chat speak. They all degrade the minds of many internet users.


    LOLcats is a terrible satire on the ruined words.

    Chat speak is just people being downright lazy.

  • “Legoman182182” wrote: If you elect me for Minister of Community Projects, I will strive to outlaw this sort of thing.

    – The Man in the Lime Green Suit

    You just lost my vote and started a hate campaign.

  • “Timothy__Ratner” wrote: Don’t forget “who” and “whom”.

    I think that’s a bit too detailed, don’t you? I mean, that’s fine tuning English, and that may overstimulate the minds of people who can hardly comprehend the difference between “To” and “Too”

  • “Shale” wrote: People really seem to mess up when it comes to its (possessive) and it’s (the abbreviation of ‘it is’).


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