• Awesome, simply awesome. A milestone for Brickfilms (and yet another reason for me to buy After Effects one of these years).

  • This one was largely a mixed bag:

    On the plus side, the camera quality was excellent, as were the tank models and soldier uniforms. Very creative design concepts (and Tanya too :) ).

    On the downside, it wasn’t the framerate but rather the degree of motion per frame that was its main weakness. Try animating in smaller increments; instead of…[Read more]

  • Probably the film’s deciding factor was, subtle though it was, the music. It was perfect; not too quiet, not too loud, and kept the story moving smoothly along. As many have mentioned, great job with the effects! If I had to nitpick, it would be that the explosions looked too cartoony, but that may have been your intention.

    Good work!

  • The blades look great, but it’s obvious where you erased the chopper’s supports–that’s probably due to the light flicker. Try fixing the light flicker, see if that does it. Good job otherwise!

  • Mechanco replied to the topic Review Panel Outdated in the forum Site Feedback 9 years ago

    Amazing! The queue that would never end has finally met its end. Good riddance.

    Mechanco, who has noted that quite a bit has changed since his last visit

  • How many ballots have been received so far? I wonder if we’ll have another close call as did with HaV.

  • Mechanco replied to the topic You are On Notice! in the forum Community 9 years ago

    Watermarks. Sometimes you just can’t leave ’em as they are. Especially when there’s one that you can put in its place that’s way cooler.

  • Very well done, MindGame. The greenscreening job was so good that I didn’t even remember that it was there in the original footage.

    Mechanco, who originally thought that the clip would be the Battle of Hoth

  • Very well done, High Tower! Your brickfilming skills continue to improve, as does your voice acting.

    [spoiler]Sound – Most of the voice acting was above average, but the main character seemed somewhat “accented.” Sound effects were good, music was perfect–it just needed more of it. The film could have progressed more smoothly with more…[Read more]

  • Great film!

    Pros: Impressive animation, clear visual quality, and several massive sets.

    Cons: The voices–too childlike and overdone acting, the storyline at times (The bank’s security seemed too lax. Anyone could simply throw a cable across a gap, and when the two heroes discovered The Man with the Top Hat’s identity, why didn’t they…[Read more]

  • “peanutstudios” wrote: all you have to do to get the blades to blur is make them spin…..either by spinning them manually real hard then takeing a pic….or even better just attach an electric motor.

    That would work for conventional chopper animation, but the blur would probably mess up the greenscreen for layer animation.

  • First, don’t be too focused on receiving reviews, because you might not like the responses you’ll get.

    Second, how are either brickfilm-related?

    Third, Windows Movie Maker 2 can’t bluescreen. Perhaps you meant MasterKey?

  • Finally, a film about the electrical genius! All we need now is an Einstein film (preferably done by saulgoode :) )

    Great work, most of the animation was very smooth and the music was quite fitting, especially at the end.

    [spoiler]My only gripe besides the mentioned historical inconsistencies was the introduction. It was a bit too long,…[Read more]

  • Beautiful. You should write an article in the Wikipedia for how to achieve such good camera quality.

    [spoiler]I have to admit, I was disapppointed when he only tried two inventions–from the trailer I was expecting more. Did you use After Effects to make that aircraft go over the edge of the cliff? All the animation was perfect except in…[Read more]

  • Very well done, Lord_Of_The_LEGO! I’ve been highly anticipating this since your trailer.

    [spoiler]In terms of nitpicking, the doctor’s transformation/amazing strength reminded me of the Green Goblin :wink and I would have really liked to see the beast for longer, perhaps in an epic battle with officers/police cruisers/helicopters (I’m…[Read more]

  • Excellent, simply excellent. Perfect animation, as always, combined with top-notch voice acting and realistic sets and lighting.

    [spoiler]As most have mentioned, my main (only?) gripe was the story. For me, it was why

    1) Cecil was fighting the guy in black (I’m too lazy to re-watch to catch his name) in the beginning; he didn’t have the…[Read more]

  • Very well done, Captain! The storyline felt real and believeable, the animation was smooth, and the picture quality was excellent.

    [spoiler]My gripes, though, are that I was really hoping for a big battle, as the title would imply as opposed to a one-on-one swordfight, which was a bit disappointing, and at times the characters spoke a tad too…[Read more]

  • Glad to see another film from you, Yo-Blob!

    [spoiler]Was that a clip from Brick to the Future 2? 😛

    I watched the WMV version, and even in that the compression seemed a bit too heavy. You might not have been able to control that however, WMV isn’t the best of formats.

    As per the film, good effort. Though the soundtrack could have…[Read more]

  • “Smeagol Studios” wrote: I like how everyone is suggesting more ideas even though Spitfire decided to use a jet instead.

    Spitfire’s not the only one who, at some point, wanted the process to be as easy and good-looking as possible :)

    “CrystalBrick” wrote: What if there’s complicated animation on another part of the frame, for example,…

    [Read more]

  • “CrystalBrick” wrote: Video blur filters are very expensive and doing every frame in Photoshop would be very time-consuming, especially with long sequences.

    Precisely the advantage of using a still image helicopter/video blade layer–the blade sequence, if animated in 60 degree increments, would only have 6 frames in it. That same footage is…[Read more]

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