• I’d like some more proof of Proteus’s claim. But certainly, I think that people have a right to wear clothing with religious content on them to school, just as they have a right to wear shirts to school with a picture of President Bush and the words “International Terrorist.” In a 1969 case, the Supreme Court said that students’ rights “don’t end…[Read more]

  • Trust me, Tim–even sentences with “of course” in them can be sarcastic. :)

    I’m glad we agree on the outrageousness of this Bush campaign claim, though.

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    Q: What do you get when a grenade explodes in a French kitchen?

    A: Linoleum Blownaparte.

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    A neutron walks into a bar.

    “Can I get you a drink?” asks the bartender.

    “Sure,” says the neutron. “How much will it cost me?”

    The bartender replies, “No charge.”

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    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Twelve Bucks, by Rob Weychert; an “oldie but a goodie,” as they say. Egoless’s films are worth watching; Ninja Thief, for example. For that matter, so are Thomas Foote’s, such as the Jake series. I also liked Hali’s recent Hit and Run. There are others.

    There have been several attempts to organize an…[Read more]

  • Nope…your hypothesis is correct.

  • I like Tintin in Tibet and The Seven Crystal Balls; they’re nicely strange and surreal. Herge really created a great frightening/mysterious atmosphere in the second.
    I’ve never seen Tintin in the Land of the Soviets or Tintin in Congo, the first two. Both of them were (are?) out of print for a long time, mostly due to the first being somewhat…[Read more]

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    What people have against Bush regarding Iraq is the way he misled the American people in order to go to war there. It’s not a question of whether the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power, or whether democracy can exist in the Arab world, as the administration has constantly been framing the issue lately. It’s that Bush used 9/11 and…[Read more]

  • I find it interesting that no-one has yet mentioned “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (although Lowweek did mention Ed Wood). However, I’m afraid that in my experience, nothing has matched the pure horror of viewing “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” Like Zirk, I watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode of it, but the commentary barely alleviated the…[Read more]

  • (Reply to Idiotless post from first page)
    There actually are black people in Middle Earth in the Tolkien books. Unfortunately, they’re on the wrong side, along with most of the other non-white humans. The black people are those from Far Harad, in the south. The people from Near Harad are perhaps Arab, and the Easterlings depicted in the Tolkien…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure if I’ll go trick-or-treating this year, or if I’ll have time. I haven’t thought of a costume yet either. Last year I was a giant squid, and the year before that a filing cabinet with opening drawer.

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    No, I believe they’re talking about LEGO Magazine (formerly LEGO Mania Magazine, formerly Brick Kicks…those were the days), the official magazine of the Lego Club. You can subscribe to it by sending in the card/form type-thing that comes with the fair-sized sets.
    You know, the first issue of LEGO Mania Magazine was actually pretty cool.…[Read more]

  • Another minor note: In the Directory, Joel Batterman is listed as the director of “Salt Lake Spaceport.” It was actually Kelly Jeffery who directed this film.

  • Welcome! Good luck on your project. I suggest that you make some shorter films first, to gain experience and perfect your tecnique, before embarking on it. The Words of Wisdom contest (see the Contests and Film Festivals forum) might be a good place to start…

    Incidentally, Dandenmark, I’m not sure, but I think unfoldingmetal…[Read more]

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    As has been said, Tjeerd was one of the most prominent members in the days of the Ezboard forums. I still sometimes ran into his posts at FBTB. Like others, I remember him for his near-constant spirit of fun and lightheartedness and his Portman obsession, as well as his movies, which are testaments to his filmmaking potential. I always hoped to…[Read more]

  • Hm, I think there’s a fairly good chance I might enter, although I’d have to think about it some more…I like the 1-minute limit, it might prevent me from running over the deadline, as I’ve done in the past… :wink

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    Heh, good book, that.

  • Additional fairly minor note: I noticed that for many films in the directory, especially older ones, the “date added” reads January 1st, 2001, when I know this is not the case (I had not even begun to make my film Xarkun 8 then…or discovered, for that matter).

  • I think I’ll highlight some earlier films (some already named…oh well):
    “Twelve Bucks” by Rob Weychert (Bredstik Studios)
    “All of the Dead” and “ONE: A Space Odyssey” by Spite Your Face (Tim Drage and Tony Mines)
    The “Jake” series, “Thus Thwacked Zarathrustra” and “The Big Match” by Thomas Foote (not sure if these available right now)
    [Read more]

  • Site looks great! A minor note: I believe that the screenshot provided for the film “Der Reiche Kornbauer” is in fact a shot from Jason’s “The Fencers.”

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