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  • oooo difficult question – as a noob it’s still all fresh and new so difficult to say what’s best to keep you focussed on a film but …

    A couple of years ago I wrote acouple of technical books – 10 weeks of 5 hours a night solid work and what kept me going was to look at what I’d already produced and think about how much effort would be…[Read more]

    12 years ago
  • Ragman replied to the topic LEGO Shakespeare! in the forum Post and Review Films 12 years ago

    Hey Ferder – great effort! – really refreshing to see someone taking the “classics” and making brickfilms from them :)

    I love the Macbeth clip – sword fights, stupid language and some genuinely funny moments – its a shame the wmv fogged the film quality up but you can see enough to make out what’s going on – top drawer!

    One question though -…[Read more]

    12 years ago
  • Thx for the early comments guys :) I realise the file is a bit large but it’s just the way it came out of DivX :) I prob need to drop the sound down further to shrink the file back a little.

    I did try Helix from Real in an effort to RM the file but mostly it was completely awful and it looked like I was watching my own movie after drinking 20+…[Read more]

    12 years, 1 month ago