• Wow, haven’t been here for a while either…

    We have a some kind of building tutorial on our website; here you can try to look for some advice. (That tutorial is quite old, should be updated some time…)


  • *Slightly offtopic*

    “John Titor’s homepage” wrote: This picture is the time machine inside the vehicle John arrived with on our worldline.



  • MakingOf TOTENTANZ:


    Now THAT is what I would call a REAL Making Of-video!
    It was great! It must’ve taken you a lot of work… All those time-lapses and such… Did you really paint a whole wall just for the background of this film? 😮

    I can’t wait for the next Go! Le Go! masterpiece…


  • What an amazing film! The pans and camera movements were very well done, and the cinematography was great. I remember you posting a topic about that set, and already then I was drooling. 😉

    Gosh, there are so many promising directors in the brickfilming scene nowadays, that I don’t even remember all of them. (well, I don’t remember much…[Read more]

  • YSS replied to the topic Trailer in the forum Post and Review Films 10 years, 11 months ago

    Looks very interesting and exciting.
    I do hope that you are able to complete this film.

    Me too! That trailer looks VERY promising, all those pans and fight scenes made me drool… was it filmed with 30 fps?


  • YSS replied to the topic questions in the forum General Brickfilming 11 years ago

    Hi! Welcome to BrickFilms!

    I’ll second the FAQ, and you’ll probably want to take a look at the Resources-section, too. These two places can probably answer most of your questions.

    The recommended ‘How many pics need to be taken per second’ or frames-per-second (FPS) is 15, because then the movement is pretty smooth and you don’t need to move the minifig in too little incriments. But, you can always start at 10, or even 5 fps if you want.

    Here at Brickfilms you don’t need to be afraid to ask your questions; we are here to help. But, you can try to answer your questions yourself; search the FAQ and the Resources carefully. The forums don’t have to be the first place to ask; you don’t have to bother us if you have a tiny problem that you can find an answer to yourself. Other than that, have a nice stay!

    Glad to help,


    P.S my 100th post!…>>[Read more]

  • I believe that’s correct; I didn’t check all the directors, so I can’t say if it’s right. But you get to ask nevertheless. :)


  • Does this mean everyone here at BrickFilms is going to send a clip, or only the ones who’re going to enter HAT? I know, I am stupid… 😳

    When is the ‘deadline’ for these clips? And how big could they be in maximum?


  • Thanks for all for your help, now I got the set finally done; it was surprisingly simple, and it works quite well, if I can say. From what I’ve experienced, the first thing to think of is the blue filter in front of the camera, the lighting is got to be very good also.

    One tip: make the underwater-animation as ‘fluid’ as possible; people can’t…[Read more]

  • YSS replied to the topic Brickfilmer cards in the forum Community 11 years, 2 months ago

    😆 That’s awesome!

    But why only 80 hp? 😛

  • Making a monkey walk is difficult, because it’s ‘hands’ don’t stick to LEGO objects easily. I have animated a monkey walking, though, so I could post it here with some info on how I made it. I’ll try and upload it here soon.


  • HA, at last, something, that our site is useful for! Check out this page for a tutorial about sets, hope you find it useful!


  • OK, here are the roles, what has been taken and what’s not:

    Some updates:

    Tony Timber: free, but can be played by us
    Lord Punaster: free, but can be played by us
    Dr. McDoc: occupied
    The guide: occupied
    The henchman: occupied

    I forgot two roles in the beginning:

    The narrator: This is the guy who reads the intro in the trailer. I…[Read more]

  • FAQ? What’s that? 😛

    Sorry… I should’ve looked at it already… Well, it is what separates us noobs from the elite.

    Thanks though.

  • Thanks Marty. But I don’t really need more advices on this, I really need those voice-actors.

    Our team isn’t very good in speaking english, and we need voices that are more mature; the oldest one in our team is 14.

    So, if you think you could voice-act just anybody of those, could you please PM me, or say it in this thread. I will post some…[Read more]

  • Thanks everybody. I will post test pictures and tell what works and what doesn’t.

    David, I was just thinking of that technique; I have a blue lens, and I could use it.

    I hope that someone will notice the voice-acting part, too. :wink

    EDIT: could some mod separate this into a voice-acting thread and an underwater effects thread? Because…[Read more]

  • Go ahead Comet! I don’t even have all the APE films…

    -YSS, who thanks Comet for doing a massive job for him :)

  • Thanks Z, but that doesn’t really answer my question.

    I know I have to test it myself, that what works and what doesn’t; but I’d like some tips on making this set, so that I have a some sort of clue at what I have to make.

    Someone said that the set has to be lighted from above, does this work?


  • David, I know that. 😕 :wink

    But my print screen button is somewhat weird; when I take a picture with it, and if there is a video player open, it doesn’t show the picture inside the player… That’s why I asked you.

    And Videomach nor Premiere don’t support rm files, it can’t be that hard for you, can it?

    Nathan, it’s okay.

  • No. Didn’t you read my post, or didn’t you understand it?

    I, or someone else, randomly choose a film amongst the APE entries. Then I, or someone else, pick an interesting shot from that film. I, or someone else, take a picture of that interesting shot. Then it’s brought here. Then you all discuss it’s cinematography.

    Does that make any sense?

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