• “Blunty” wrote: Good greif, quoting every “great film” comment, just incase anyone missed them, and then thanking people for posting “constructively”? It’s obvious you don’t actually WANT constructive comments, only empty praise. :roll

    Don’t you ever give up?

    I know you take immense pleasure in beating me down. It’s obvious, to everyone…[Read more]

  • “IceMan” wrote: Excellent brickfilm, benlen!

    “MindGame” wrote: Very well done, benlen!

    “protowrxs” wrote:
    Nice clip Ben. Very solid technically and fun to watch.

    “RevMen” wrote: Great film, Ben.

    “RevMen” wrote: Technically speaking this is an excellent film. You’ve grown quite powerful as a filmmaker, young…

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  • “Blunty” wrote:

    Sorry Benlen, but you completely ruined what could have been a classic brickfilm. If you had paced it up a bit, and written and ending that wasn’t completely lazy it could have been something special.

    You know what Nate? Stand by your opinion. What bothers me the most about what you’ve said is not that you don’t like the…[Read more]

  • “Blunty” wrote: I have only one question.
    Did you think that perhaps the film would have been better if you wrote an ending for it?

    Of course I wrote an ending. You saw it, did you not?

    “RevMen” wrote:
    And I’m with Blunty, wondering why there was no ending. It’s a good story, but it’s not one that lends itself to being a cliff-hanger…

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  • “Lego Guy” wrote: God, I can’t cope with n00b spammers. :roll

    We coped with you.
    Guys, asking ‘can someone ban him now?’ is not going to convince the admin, or make him more inclined to ban someone. Just ignore the spammer.



  • “RevMen” wrote: You’ll want video quality to say 2-pass, and choose download instead of streaming. Then edit one of the audiences with the settings I gave above. I think you can save 1 custom audience with the free version of the encoder.

    Edit? How so? Can you actually open an audience and edit it there? Sorry for acting so confused. It’s the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the help guys,

    To elaborate, here’s what the exporter looks like on Mac. Perhaps it’s different on PC? I don’t know:

    Thanks again,


  • This is what I have built for my most recent film (in the making)

    1) Take good sized table, get big piece of plywood (old piece found in garage) use big screws and drill it down to table to create a bigger area for film-making.
    2) Use a sander and sand the plywood surface. Paint the entire surface with pure black, to absorb the light.
    3) Get…[Read more]

  • “Mechanco” wrote: Why would I get around something that they have quite purposely set up?… 😕

    To stick it to the man, man!

    As for the fainting goats, I find that disgraceful. Please, don’t ask me why though. It’s best if you don’t know!



  • *sigh*

    It’s strange, seeing so many faces, many new, but some old ones as well. Some are exactly as I imagined, and others not so much. I see trill has braces (man those things were painful).
    While the majority of users seem to be caucasian and male, they’re is also a growing diversity at this site, which is good to see.



  • benlen replied to the topic Xbox 360 in the forum Community 10 years, 3 months ago

    “chosen1″ wrote: Microsoft released it first X-box and then they all broke.
    Un-happy buyers showed microsoft their warranty protections and then microsoft rejected them.

    also , Nintendo released the gamecube two years before the x-box; had motor problems. Un-happy buyers showed the warranty and nintendo stood behind it.
    I am an example……

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  • “MindGame” wrote:

    Mindgame, I don’t know if you’ve been (or are) fifteen, but, you really have to be to even understand what all Harry’s going through.

    Benlen, I perfectly understand why Harry is a pissy little kid. I understand that his adolescence is rather…unconventional. But seriously, Harry is like that all throughout the book.…

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  • “Blue2393″ wrote:

    Blue, I must agree. The fifth novel was good, but it was too long delayed (but understandably though, considering what JK was going through) and the plot, while very good, was not to par with the fourth’s.

    As for the third movie being a kids film, I didn’t see it that way. If you compare it to the first two, it is much…

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  • I had no problem at all with the link. Perhaps it’s your web browser? Which one are you using?



  • “gray scale” wrote:

    I have put together a template for me to plan for each shot within a scene, which includes details about the set, the actor and prop movements, camera movements, the script elements in the shot, visual effects, and audio effects. The problem I have is that I am going to have to put together dozens of these ‘shot’ plans,…

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  • “Felix” wrote: If it started when you put more lights on the set, chances are theres a problem with the energy support.
    I don’t really know a lot about these thing but maybe you have too many devices supplied by a single power outlet.

    Also try to raise the shutter speed, if it gets over exposured just take some lights away.

    Hope I could…

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  • GTA games still sicken me. If killing cops, stealing from banks, beating up prostitutes, and being a crook is your idea of fun, so be it.
    No doubt graphics wise it isn’t even close to Half Life 2. After seeing so in game footage of HL2, I was simply amazed. The mere scale of the game is mindblowing. Facial movements are awesome, a thing that Halo…[Read more]

  • Sure, I might join in sometime. I’m not all for audio chats, but then again, I didn’t know (until now) that Yahoo had voice chat options. Cool.

    Note: My current screenname is inactive, but I have another. Not that it really matters, of course.



  • “Buxton” wrote:

    That’s sad, I just went in and jacked up the ratings. Some patron must be not at good terms with Protowrxs or something. But one rating only goes so far! Others, please cast your ballots!



  • “Ferder” wrote: Woah that’s a pretty awsome free program! I’ve just downloaded it and my favorite feature so far is the noise-removal.

    Strange Ferder, but for some reason, noise removal is disabled on my version. Strange.



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