• Brickin posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    I change the name of my upcoming spiderman series to Lego Ultimate Spiderman the series starring me as Peter Parker/Spiderman and my mom as aunt may only for the pilot episode then my nana takes over as aunt may and my dad plays Uncle Ben who only appears in the pilot episode and I need a female to play as Gwen stacy who only stars in season one and then as mary jane but my dad plays as J Joeona Jameson and I will ask a friend of mine to play as harry osborn and I’ll ask my friend’s dad to play as norman osborn and maybe I’ll ask my neighbor to play as gwen stacy and mary jane and I’ll ask my neighbor’s dad if he can play George stacy and I will ask some friends of mine if they can play as the villains except the green goblin the heroes of marvel besides spiderman will make an appearance but it the ones that are made into minifigures