• Brickin posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    My ultimate spiderman lego series will have 6 seasons and will be rated TV-Y7 and will be realised on January 1 2015 and the show is created by me and directed by me and is based on the ultimate spiderman lego sets and the tv show and will say Spiderman created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditkco and the filming will start on July 1st and the voiceovers will be done late July and I’m gonna do the script make a custom house for Peter and aunt may and get the daily bugle set and the pilot episode is a 1 hour special of the 1st episode of Lego Ultimate Spiderman the series starring me and my family and a few people I hope you guys will support this series and enjoy the series as much I enjoy creating the series for you guys to watch anyway I’m also working on batman gotham guardians lego series just give me time until I’m ready to work the series