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  • is iKITMovie any good?

    Absolutely..yes it is very good indeed.

    Being able to add sound effects (all built in ) music (some provided but you can add your own also) and voiceovers all simultaneously

    I use it with a Logitech 9000 and the quality is superb.
    They have video tutorials for the basics online but it is super easy to…[Read more]

    6 years ago
  • I use ikitmovie but the 2,200 sounds version.

    It’s cool. The sound effects are very high quality.
    I also add my own mp3’s and music etc.
    It’s really easy to use and I have found it stable.

    I usually export to wmv but it can export to mp4 also.
    It’s good.
    Hope that helps?
    I am getting pm’s about this and where to find it..
    its here

    6 years, 1 month ago