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    What do you think about my Logo Like it? Soroni Pictures

    10 months, 1 week ago
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    Best Fig The-Lone-Ranger

    1 year, 3 months ago
  • Kd2apoof wrote on Dylan Johnson's Wall

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your message, it’s really nice of you! Yes, I am angry at these people who make copyrights claims without any reason, mostly when people (like me) don’t earn money on brickfilms that take years to make… Tomorrow I will try to upload my Indiana Jones film on Dailymotion, si I hope you will be able to see…[Read more]

    1 year, 7 months ago
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  • Dtoons4gs wrote on Dylan Johnson's Wall

    Hey where do you get those cool guns they dont come in any lego set

    1 year, 9 months ago
  • john posted an update 2 years ago

    i really want to make a lego movie but dont know how. Any advice comment please.

    2 years ago
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    • Bric a brac

      post a specific question in the forums or you can also check the Resources tab ;)

      2 years ago
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    2 years ago
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