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  • patty8ohio mentioned @zmaster in a public message

    @zmaster hi lol

    9 months, 3 weeks ago
  • what’s your youtube channel?

    1 year, 5 months ago
  • Check out my new video

    1 year, 8 months ago
  • Why my animation is not here?

    1 year, 11 months ago
  • scar1200 wrote on Galaxy Patrol's Wall

    Well the theme is like war and action.

    1 year, 11 months ago
  • Hey buddy
    I have replied in post

    2 years ago
  • Mac mentioned @galaxypatrol in a public message

    @galaxypatrol The Con of Natural Light, is natural light changes throughout the day. Artificial light does not change. I do, like to take single photos in natural light, but since we are taking multiple pics, natural light can not be practical.

    2 years ago
  • Do you want to join Lego Marvel?

    2 years ago
  • Tim Bristow mentioned @galaxypatrol in a public message

    Well now Galaxy Patrol, maybe you could let me know why you view a question i posed about uploading my recent stop motion animation video of the building of a mini brick tower you consider to be inappropriate or even spam? We manufacture mini clay bricks and mortar something that was a staple toy for thirty years before lego came in. Brickfilms…[Read more]

    2 years ago
  • hey what’s up? thanks for the add. your pic looks awesome too.

    2 years ago
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    @galaxypatrol I like your picture. Would you like to be friends?

    2 years ago
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  • Joseph Propati wrote on admin's Wall

    Thanks for including my How To doc, I tried to make it as detailed as possible and yet not over do it. I have a question: If I need to add more information to the document, is there a way to do it so I keep the document as a whole and not just add continues comments?

    2 years, 3 months ago
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    • admin

      Hi Joseph – there’s not a real clean way to do it yourself. As an admin, I can just edit / update the original post to keep it all together . Brix_Lover can do this, as well. – Thanks again!

      2 years, 3 months ago
  • Our 1st Fun Lego brick film tells a tail of horror when a tainted apple is eaten, but its just a movie at the drive-in…

    Created By: father and son

    2 years, 4 months ago
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