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    Will Be a 3 Part Movie. It is about of rob and bob become super hero’s and fight against evil.

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  • Group logo of Chillzone Brickfilms
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    This is a group of friendly animators who love what they do i am currently recruiting
    jobs get pay real money depending on quality of job!

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    Films and updates.

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    Join If You’re Favorite Theme Is Marvel or DC

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  • Group logo of Ebola Cola Productions
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    This is a Brick Filming group that specifically targets the brick films created by me (Hinrey) and a small group of other people. Join this group to keep up to date with our productions.

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  • Group logo of PedropolisAnimations
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    Feel free to post your YouTube channel link here, I’ll have a look and if I like it I’ll subscribe. Make sure you do the same with me though: http://www.youtube.com/user/pedropolisanimations

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    This is the group to advertise Me and my brothers latest film from our studios. THE SPY FILES is about a LEGO Agent who retired after the defeat of DR.Inferno. When a new threat rises the call comes to Alex […]

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