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    Ok- I may have been gone a while but I’m back in the groove (so to speak). Anyways, I saw that you want all ideas in by tomorrow (I’m in by the skin of my teeth!) and I’m gonna stop making this paragraph so long and give you a suggestion or two:

    What if: There’s some secret evil guys on some planet who wanna try and fool everyone to get power over the Sith and the Jedi by doing stuff for each side (Jedi and Sith) to trick them (e.g making a handy deal with the Jedi to get rid of some of the Sith, then making the same deal with the Sith against the Jedi, eventually killing off most of the Sith and most of the Jedi before either side realise they’ve been tricked by the third major power!) and so this third power will dominate either side. Then the Sith and the Jedi could temporarily ‘team up’ and take down the new enemy. After some battles and story happens, they could defeat the third power and their leader gets exiled to some desolate planet. Then of course the Sith betrays the Jedi, but the Jedi were expecting it and show the Sith that they were just waiting for it to happen. The end.

    Anyway, I hope you consider my lengthy Raspberry Pi typed-up story not too long for consideration. I’m just not the best at condensed paragraphs… so, thanks for reading my idea! 😀