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  • Well, this isnt GIMP related, but you could download the trial version of Paint Shop Pro, from JASC software (good for 60 days, I think).
    They have an AWESOME collection of pre-made planets in the “Paint Tube” tools. (I think they are listed as “marbles” but, they look JUST like planets!)
    I am a Mac user, and usually I use photoshop… but,…[Read more]

    10 years, 6 months ago
  • Thanks to eveyone who voted!
    😀 😀 😀

    10 years, 6 months ago
  • My 2-cents here, which I feel I must always bring up when we talk of microphones (and I think Lowweek will agree…)

    The Sony ECM-MS907 is a GREAT stereo mic that has a mini-jack, so you can plug it into a soundcard without special cables or pre-amps. You can find these on ebay for about $70 u.s.d.
    I use mine with a minidisc recorder to…[Read more]

    10 years, 6 months ago
  • “Schlaeps” wrote: Well, I know that Apple’s iSight is one of the better web cams up there (that is what I am upgrading to) even though it doesn’t have a touch screen it can be manipulated in a Mac (and maybe a PC… I’m not sure). It’s a decent price if you get it with an edu discount.

    Uh, you’d better look into this a bit more before you buy.…[Read more]

    10 years, 6 months ago
  • hacking a perl-cgi guestbook is about the easiest thing in the world to do. Hell, even O’reilly’s “Learning Perl” book tells you a couple easy ways how it can be done… (then they of course tell you how to write the program to minimize risks…)
    Guestbooks are very risky for your website. That’s why i took mine off my site.

    Blunt, sorry to…[Read more]

    10 years, 7 months ago
  • ben,
    thats an exellent point! i’ll have to check apples site about what the rules are… but i should be ok because i didnt use a full loop for any part of the song. i split all of them into halves or quarters and re-arranged them, or only used segments…like the slide guitar part. it was built from pieces of three different loops.

    have you…[Read more]

    10 years, 7 months ago
  • hey gang.
    my wifes new apple powerbook came with garageband, so i was messing around with it the other day and came up with this little soundtrack song.
    download it here! and feel free to use it in your animations if you want.

    let me just say, garageband ROCKS! apple has outdone themselves yet again!
    i’ll be posting many more new music…[Read more]

    10 years, 7 months ago
  • My 2-cents…
    Sony ECC-MS 907: Awesome mic. Can be found new for about $75 on ebay.

    If you are new to mic’s and recording, here are a few tips.

    * LOCATION: of the mic to the sound you are recording. This can have a huge impact on sound, especially how much bass a sound has. Closer is usually better, but not always. Experiment

    * PREAMP…[Read more]

    10 years, 8 months ago
  • KG, Is your avatar a rabbit, with pancakes on his head???


    10 years, 8 months ago
  • “Go!Le Go!” wrote: 😀

    sillymonkey: we thought the story is now 191 years old… but thats very fresh i we compare it to the old testament….


    😆 Nice!!!
    I meant that, while not a new story, it is a very interesting story.
    Almost everything in modern horror genre has been done already, and that makes old, macabre poems and…[Read more]

    10 years, 8 months ago
  • Outstanding!
    Great sets, lighting and animation.
    A refreshingly original story idea too!

    Thank you!

    10 years, 8 months ago
  • Wow.
    Very, Very, Very, Very good!
    One of the best brickfilms in a very long time. AWESOME sets (especially the grass and the water!) great animation, a great story.

    Best of luck with this entry. It should so well!

    10 years, 10 months ago
  • The sony 907 does a good job recording live bands using a minidisc recorder.

    I recorded our band at a gig last week. ( NOTE: this recording mix sounds crappy because the mix in the room was bad, and I could have put the mic in a better location)
    HERE is an MP3 from the gig.

    recording a drum kit though?… well, recording good drums is one…[Read more]

    10 years, 11 months ago
  • they are both great mics.
    the 58 is more for live vocals, the sm 57 is more a general recording mic.
    the difference in sound between them is so tiny… but i do notice it. i personally prefer the sound of the 57 over the 58 for almost everything… including vocals. (at least for my voice) i own 2 sm57’s and 1 sm58.
    i’d go for the 57… plus…[Read more]

    10 years, 12 months ago
  • sillymonkey replied to the topic iBook G4 in the forum Community 11 years ago

    a good laptop for filmmaking? are you kidding? those little guys rock! My wife has a 12″ G3 800mhz model and it’s great. I’d love to have a G4 model!
    I’m still using my ancient Powerbook G3 500Mhz for all my films and other stuff!
    someday, someday… I’ll get a new G4 laptop. :)


    11 years ago
  • sillymonkey replied to the topic mac FAQ in the forum Community 11 years, 1 month ago

    Funny you should mention it. I put one one my website a couple weeks ago.
    My “Mac Animators Resource Page”.


    11 years, 1 month ago
  • SoundSoap from Bias software is a VST plugin for mac and windows.
    this software can ALMOST work miracles for cleaning noise. i bought it a month ago and i love it.
    but, if the original recording is REAL bad, follow the advice above and re-record it in quieter environment.

    11 years, 1 month ago
  • A Foley artist? heck yes, I’ve thought about it.
    Same as I wish I could be any kind of artist (professionally)

    Animation artist. Illustration artist. Recording artist. Tattoo artist! ANYTHING!

    I’m really glad you guys are liking the sounds. I’ll keep making them! I’m always open to suggestions and requests. And for those that have asked,…[Read more]

    11 years, 1 month ago
  • Update.
    There’s a couple more sounds in this batch now. total of 14 files.
    I added swishes to the beginnings of some of the sword clang’s and it really helped. also, phattened up some of the clang’s.

    So, re-download the original zip file. It has been updated with the new stuff.

    Thanks! Enjoy!

    11 years, 1 month ago