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    Sorry for not uploading the promised picture, you guys. Thanks for being patient. Here, we have my updated custom Robin (Tim Drake). I tried to give his body a look from Young Justice, and so instead of an all black bottom, or black waist and red leggings, I switched it around. His hair is the sleepyhead hair piece, spray painted black to look more like his Red Robin hair. Going to paint his staff black, and the cape has both yellow and black on it. Not two capes, but one. It was painted yellow on the back, and looks extremely good. Same with Batgirl, who is in the back of the photo. She has more of a feminine version of Nightwing’s mask, and lipstick. Her torso is kind of like a mixture of Barbra Gordon in the New 52 and (sadly) Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. Harley Quinn, I took off her sleeves and hat, give her normal skin colored arms, and a blonde pony tail. Joker has a new hairpiece that needs a little bit of work, but will look good soon. Green Lantern, I had his hair switched to the normal Hal Jordan hair, and instead of white or green gloves, gave him black. I think out of all them, my favorite definitely has to be Tim Drake – Robin. Hope you guys like my customs. image

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    • Cooked Cat Productions

      Joker Looks Great, along with Robin…

      2 years ago
      • Misfit

        Thanks so much. I’m trying to get a new trench coat for Joker, because his current one doesn’t really look good on him.

        2 years ago
        • scar1200

          yeah they all look really good.:)

          2 years ago